Sunday, 16 December 2012

Self Healing Cancer

Some Big Principles in Self Healing Cancer

A. Your life is a story.

You are here experiencing this moment here and now and in this moment here and now, is just your experience. You are just experiencing life in this moment, here and now. This moment is just what it is. You just happen to be here and now – in this moment. As this moment, here and now can only be what it is, it is perfect just as it is. It is void of judgement and perception. Life is just flowing through this moment, here and now.

Experiencing this moment here and now is the essence of enlightenment. This moment here and now, this state of enlightenment, is the basis of reality. It is the empty whiteboard upon which we compose and write the story of our life.

To our mind the empty whiteboard, is screaming out to be written upon, we cannot bear to leave it alone.

Today the whiteboard is mostly full, for we have been constantly recording our views and interpretations of our experiences.

Tomorrow we will wake up and add to the whiteboard. We cannot erase the story or parts of the story written upon the whiteboard, for we have written in permanent ink instead of whiteboard markers.
We may want to only view or notice certain pleasurable parts of the whiteboard and ignore or deny other parts but it is all there.


B. Your disease is in harmony, reflects and is an expression of the story.

If you have a ‘disease’ or something that you wish you hadn’t, please realise that the disease etc. is occupying a part of the whiteboard. It is in your story and therefore, at this point in time, it is in perfect harmony with the story and whiteboard. Each and every part of the whiteboard or story is in perfect harmony with the whiteboard/story. This is an absolute fact and can be no other way.
Let me explain further, before you get too upset:- The whiteboard as is the story, a closed system. That is, it is confined by its boundaries. What is inside the boundaries – is inside the boundaries. Your story is the totality of what is inside the boundaries.

If the disease was not inside the boundaries, then naturally you would have a different story!
The story is the totality of all the information that is in you, including information in your DNA, the meaning and perceptions attached to all the events in your life, the progression of your identities, the beliefs that you formed, your thoughts, ideas, interpretations, personas, memories, inter-reactions and relationship with the world within yourself and the world outside yourself, and self image etc, etc.
Basically, your story is your story of your past. When you woke up this morning, you put on your story, and then you got dressed and went about your day. Your story and clothes make it easy for you to function throughout your day.

Each day you add to the story and so the story grows and each day we carry our story around with us and show it to the world.

The story becomes powerful and becomes the dictator of our lives, the story runs on automatic pilot, and the story decides how we will live our lives. We will only operate in harmony with our story and so our life reflects the story and on and on we go.

We seemingly cease to have the desire, ability or flexibility to change the story.

C. It’s all about change.

And as you sit there, comfortable within your story and you may allow yourself to think about your desires or intentions. And as you do, I wonder what you truly want? For I am curious to discover, what purpose do you have in reading these words? It is curious, isn’t it, to sit and read and allow the words to simply drift inside. And as they do and as you ask yourself what do you want for yourself, perhaps realizing that being healthy and happy is a suitable goal and result for you to choose.

Some people may want to kill or beat the cancer, for they imagine a deadly enemy is trying to kill them and so a war ensues and everyone knows, that there are no winners in war.

But if you want to be healthy and happy and have great intentions, to be healthy and happy, then you will begin to imagine, really imagine, what it is like to be healthy and happy.

The more you imagine being happy and healthy the more pleasing will be your experience. And so just here and now, allow yourself to fully and exquisitely, imagine and feel this state of excellent health and happiness and give yourself permission to remember to feel vitality, energy and the peacefulness that naturally comes from this.

As you do this, begin to notice that you find yourself immersed in a new future, the beginning of a new story and simply allow that new story to develop and emerge. Become fully aware and place all your attention on this developing story, the story of you that has at its core, a healthy and happy you.
For what is important, is change. And yet we are so afraid of changing. We may feel that if ‘I change, then I won’t be me’. For we feel at a deep level, that we are the story. That this (the story) is who I am.

But whose story is it anyway? And who wrote your story? Are you the writer or the written?
Being healthy is very different from being diseased. Having a new story, one built on health and happiness is very different to having a story where sickness is a major part of the story.

Healing is changing the story.

When you become healthy you will realize – only the story changed!

Do this exercise to develop your awareness:-
To develop cancer, what would one have to do?
Write a list of 100, yes one hundred, items.

Cheers for now,
Philip Martin

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