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Cancer Causes & the Impact of Emotion

Cancer Causes & the Impact of Emotion

I listened in on a very interesting call this weekend. Dr Patrick Kingsley (now retired) who was one of the most effective cancer doctors around gave an interview about his approaches to cancer and how he treated more than 3,000 end-stage cancer patients in his thirty years of practice.
Dr Kingsley did not use the traditional treatments on his patients. He did not use chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery to treat them. Instead he used nutrition, lifestyle changes, and making the patient believe he or she could beat the cancer, to treat them. The amazing thing is that he kept every single patient alive. He gave me a wonderful insight into what exactly cancer is and how, through lifestyle choices, nutrition and of course belief, you can achieve health.
So what exactly is cancer?
You should examine this particular blog post with great care, the problem and the fixes have so many versions. It’s widely believed that when cancer develops, there are 3 things which have gone wrong. First, something has caused stem cells in a particular tissue to stop developing into normal cells. Second, the p53 gene has stopped sending out messages to certain cells to die by apoptosis. And thirdly, something has damaged normal cells so badly that they’ve stopped working properly.
Cancer develops when the level of toxins in our bodies become excessive, to the point where they damage our cells and the information our cells carry regarding their function in our bodies.
We produce cancer cells quite regularly. Our immune systems are designed to identify rogue cells and eliminate them and this happens all the time, except when our immune systems are over stressed.

Infectious Causes of Human Cancer/ Prof. Harald zur Hausen – YouTube
The medicinal industry and science accept that a number of environmental factors can cause cancer. These accepted causes are radiation, asbestos, tobacco, viruses such as the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), and chemicals.
However Dr Kingsley has observed other causes of cancer which are in line with my insights into cancer. Dr Kingsley has observed that stress of any sort is a major cause of cancer. During his consultations with cancer patients, it was discovered that, ‘… Shortly before the cancer was discovered, some form of stress occurred.’
So what does stress do to cause cancer? Firstly, it impacts your immune system. Secondly, it creates a demand for better nutrition. What often happens is that when we’re stressed, we tend to ignore our diets and snack on convenient foods and drink more tea and coffee and alcohol and often smoke even more. This creates an environment more appropriate for cancer to develop.
Normal cells thrive in a slightly alkaline environment, while cancer cells thrive in an acid environment. Stress causes our bodies to become more acidic which creates an ideal environment for cancer to thrive. Besides creating this ideal environment for cancer to grow, if this stressful environment continues for too long, your body will suffer because in order to neutralize the excess acid in your body, calcium is withdrawn from your bone which creates weak bones and potentially osteoporosis.
Dr Kingsley went on to suggest that cancer could be a protective mechanism. For example: lung cancer is trying to protect you from cigarette smoke or asbestos, and cervical cancer is trying to protect you from the Human Papilloma Virus etc.
This hypothesis offers you the opportunity to try to overcome the cancer that’s affecting you at present. This state of affairs is all the more likely to occur if you have been under a lot of stress, especially shortly before your cancer showed up as a specific symptom or lump.
Dr Kingsley suggests that, ‘…if you can identify and eliminate the cause of your cancer, you do not need the cancer…’
Having had cancer myself, I’m very aware of the impact of my emotions on my body. A few years before I was diagnosed, my life changed dramatically and I did not cope with the changes very well and on an emotional level I closed in on myself. We then suffered a very late stage miscarriage at twenty-three weeks in January 2006. If I had been able to hold on to the pregnancy for one more week we would have been able to save the baby. This devastated us as a family and I really struggled to deal with the emotional turmoil that was left in the wake of this loss.
Almost exactly a year later I was diagnosed with cancer after finding a lump in my breast. I can’t justify pinning my diagnosis purely on the loss of a baby as cancer is a complex combination of a number of things. But dealing with the emotional issues I had previously not acknowledged or accepted has created a much better environment internally and externally to create the space for me to step into my destiny and walk my path with my head held high and be able to face the challenges that life brings us.
For those who do not know me, I really just wanted to introduce myself to you. In brief; I’m a mother of 2 absolutely amazing little girls and a former cancer patient.
I’ve a loving and supportive family and an amazing network of friends. I’ve found my calling in life and am following it with great passion and love. I’m certainly not scared of the future or angry about my illness and I definitely do not feel guilty about being ill anymore. I’ve re-engaged with life and am more in touch with who I’m and what my purpose is in life than ever before. But that hasn’t always been the case.
In 2007 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time I was pregnant with my second daughter; Ruby. You can imagine, this compounded the experience significantly. I spent a year undergoing operations, chemotherapy, childbirth and radiotherapy. At the end of the process my body and spirit were battered and bruised. I had hit rock bottom. I had to find a way out of the darkness or get away from everything I know and love to spare them the fallout.Fortunately my background and interest lies in human development, and with a lot of self will and amazing support from friends and family, I slowly but surely clawed my way back. My purpose in life is to help people in a similar situation to find themselves again. To re-engage with life and to live life with energy and passion. Do you know somebody who has been diagnosed with cancer who’s still hiding from life? For more information go to:Contact Information phone: +44 (0)7870 275 257

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Acetaminophen & Prostrate Cancer


Dear Reader,
"Hello? American Cancer Society? Hi, I don't know if you're aware of this, but acetaminophen overdose that causes liver failure is a dangerous health crisis right now."

That's my imaginary phone call to the ACS. You see, ACS researchers recently reported that prostate cancer risk drops by 40 percent in men who take at least 30 acetaminophen pills per month for at least five years.

Now, the researchers weren't looking for a way to reduce risk of this worrisome cancer. They were looking for clues to the cause of prostate cancer.

So apparently ACS officials have no intention of promoting heavy acetaminophen use as a cancer preventive. And that's a good thing. Because that would be insane.
And I'm not using "insane" as a metaphor. You would literally have to be out of your mind.
And speaking of being out of your mind...
Messing up the message
The subtle strategies of cancer research are not of much interest to media outlets that are constantly in the hunt to grab readers and pull them in with the first sentence.

So here's how UPI launches into the ACS study: "A fairly heavy dose of acetaminophen for five years or longer was associated with an estimated 38 percent lower risk of prostate cancer."
A "fairly heavy dose"? Gee -- what could possibly go wrong there?

A report in Medical News Today was even worse, stating, "A man who takes one acetaminophen tablet each day for at least five years has a 38% lower chance..." etc.
Wait for further studies? No time for that! MNT is obviously sold on the plan: Men, take one pill a day for five years. Go!

Both articles do get around to mentioning the true intent of the study. But by then the damage is done. Because there really are men out there who will read the slapdash "recommendations" in the early paragraphs and head out to Sam's Club to buy the biggest bottle of acetaminophen they can find.
Does that sound unlikely? After all, people are much more aware of the dangers of acetaminophen these days, right?

Well, that's what I thought too. But the results of interviews conducted with focus groups in Atlanta and Chicago are pretty frightening...
More than two-thirds of the subjects were unaware that Tylenol contains acetaminophen. And well over half admitted that when they use OTC drugs they don't read the labels.

We have a long, long way to go before we resolve the crisis of liver failure caused by acetaminophen overuse. And it doesn't help a bit when media outlets casually inform men that they can avoid one of the most dreaded cancers by popping a daily acetaminophen.

 Of course, popping a "fairly heavy dose" of acetaminophen could actually help you avoid any kind of cancer...since the liver failure will probably get you first.

This anti-aging secret is so powerful -- Buddhist monks carefully guarded it for centuries...
When scholars began translating a sacred text from the 1300s, they had no idea they were about to uncover an ultra secret anti-aging phenomenon.
Literally translated, it's called "miracle." And after facing a barrage of modern day scientific tests, it's becoming clear how it got its name...
Because there's hardly a symptom of aging this little wonder doesn't tackle...

  • Marvel at your radiant skin and thick healthy hair
  • Maximize your energy to soar through your day
  • Defend your body against cancer...and more!
Find out how this miracle works--and how it'll keep you young...

...and another thing
Several years ago I told you about the link between diabetes and liver cancer. Two different studies showed that diabetics may be as much as three times more likely to develop liver cancer compared to non-diabetics.
New research expands on those studies, and I'm afraid the news isn't good.
A recent CDC study shows that diabetics are at greater risk of developing several types of cancer, including cancers of the colon, breast, pancreas, kidney, prostate, and leukemia.
In addition, other research shows that as cancer patients, diabetics have less chance of survival compared to non-diabetics.
If you're diabetic, there are two key lifestyle changes you can make that will help control blood sugar and reduce your risk of cancer: 1) Maintain a proper body weight, and 2) If you're a smoker, stop immediately.
Whether you're diabetic or not, these can be enormously difficult changes to make and sustain over the long term. But for survival and high quality of life, they're a must.
To Your Good Health,
Jenny Thompson

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

How to heal Cancer

When one asks how to heal cancer? This is a big question and healing cancer is not as difficult as many perceive, but there is a problem or dilemma. The problem is one of a lack of correct information and a plethora of misinformation. The view of the questioner who asks “How to heal cancer” is important. If they are in the majority then they probably see cancer as something foreign to them and then they want something to fight, kill and destroy the enemy (the cancer). To these people I can only say, I can’t show you how to heal cancer unless you first be prepared to let go of all your perceptions about cancer and start from the position that you know nothing about it and that you have a goal to be healthy.

Cancer is a word, a noun and to do an action to a noun, then you have to know what it is. For example, to know how to sit on a chair, you have to know what a chair is and you have to know what sit means.

How to heal cancer? First we’ll look at the word heal. All living things have the ability to self heal and all healing is self healing, we can get assistance and help our self healing system but it us and our cells that do the healing. Only our cells have the ability to heal. So when we heal we are healing ourselves. The self healing system is working continuously, and we can be of enormous help by removing what is slowing down or preventing the self healing system, doing its job effectively.

Now we will look at cancer. You may see cancer as an enemy, something that you have got but what do you know about it? Can you articulate and describe it fully? You may call it a disease and then think of something like measles and if you kill the measles virus then you will regain health. But Cancer cells are your own cells, not foreign bodies and the body supports the cancer, clearly there is much, much more to know. Your cancer cells are doing something and though the mainstream may see it as they are rogue or defective cells, this is ignorance. Cancer cells are wound healing cells, they are healing cells, healing wounds, stress and irritants. We can use the overriding general term stress. Stress is anything that is damaging to the body (body includes our minds and everything that is us).

So I am proposing that cancer is the healing system in action and though many die from cancer, they are more correctly dying from the side effects and collateral damage of the reaction between the healing system and whatever the particular stress is. Now the healing cells (cancer cells) are quite capable of healing the stress. So what is going wrong here? What is going wrong, is that the stress is continuing! The stress could be physical, nutritional  or emotional. If the stress is continually occurring then the healing is continually occurring but with no end. This is cancer. To be healthy, you need to stop the stress from occurring. The self healing system will then stop trying to heal the now nonexistent stress and the body will return to health.

Back to the title – how do you heal cancer? Answer – you don’t for there is nothing wrong with the cancer (healing) process, you heal you or more correctly, you heal your life.

By Philip Martin

Monday, 21 November 2011

Breaking News:

Breaking News:
Over 10 years of the latest cancer research is now tainted by falsified data from the cancer scientist, Shen Wang, Ph.D. Dr. Joseph Mercola, noted that cancer research in the U.S. needs to be scrutinized. "Much of it is money-driven and based on developing new drugs."

Click to read this article >>
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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Program Your DNA in 2 Minutes to Create a Healthy Body

For decades I have proposed and believed that DNA resonates in harmony with our feelings and vice versa.The implications of this is profound.
Philip Martin


Program Your DNA in 2 Minutes to Create a Healthy Body

DNA is your "blueprint" of life, governing the development and functioning of every living organism. In a recent study, test subjects trained to generate focused feelings of deep love and appreciation, caused the DNA strands to unwind and exhibit positive changes in just two minutes. When those feelings were missing, no changes were observed in the DNA.
Keep reading as this maybe the first scientific evidence of the long-held therapy that emotion greatly affects our health and quality of life.

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$8 “Nutritional Chemotherapy” for Curing Cancer?

$8 “Nutritional Chemotherapy” for Curing Cancer?
Did You Know that an extract of the turmeric root contains a phytochemical called curcumin, which has been shown to eliminate cancer cells from the body? And it costs as little as $8 to administer at levels that rival the effects of chemotherapy.
Click here to discover how the benefits of the turmeric root have been shown to eliminate cancer.
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The power of thought and thinking

Thoughts are truly amazing things and yet we are so used to them, that we do not give them the consideration that they are worth. Why are they amazing? Well for one thing they are the most powerful thing in the universe! WOW what a statement. A thought: just a wisp of an idea. It is nothing really is it? Just thin air. And yet nothing is produced without a thought being thought first. The chair you are sitting on was first thought of. If you think about it, if there are no thoughts there would be no life, even trees think, in their tree like way, they struggle to survive and they use their information. If you never have another thought, what would it be like? Hard to comprehend isn't? Thoughts are the primal source of power in the world.

        The amazing thing about thoughts is that you create them, out of thin air, with just little fragments of knowledge. You coalesce and congeal these fragments of information into a single thought and then maybe into a train of thoughts, very amazing. These thoughts that you think then have a result, an effect on your life. The thoughts so to speak become a part of your reality; they make up your experience of life.

Our life experience is the mirror of our perceptions

        Your view of the world and your experience of the world is a reflection of your thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality, and you create your thoughts. Nobody else creates your unique thoughts, nobody! Just you. This is an inescapable fact that you have to come to terms with, and take responsibility for, or, you can deny you are the creator of your thoughts and hide from your responsibility. The choice is yours and yours alone.

        You create at least 50,000 thoughts a day. These thoughts make your tomorrow. What you think is what you get and your thoughts create an emotional effect, if you think sad thoughts - you will feel sad. If you think happy thoughts - you will feel happy. It works the other way too. If you feel sad you will most likely have sad thoughts, if you feel happy you will most likely have happy thoughts. Are you caught up in the acceptable (to the majority) social epidemic of creating negative and depressing thoughts? Evaluate the thoughts you have in a day. What do they say about your world? Do your thoughts create a wonderful world for you? Or do you believe the world is responsible for your feelings.

        If we are brave and take control of our thoughts and treat the ability to create this most powerful of forces, with the respect it deserves, we will create the thoughts that are in harmony with what we want in our life. And our life experience will then reflect those thoughts. In this way you will create the life you want. We are that powerful! We are that magnificent! Whether you want to believe that or not. It is true.

        How would your day be, if you wiped the slate clean and purposely chose what thoughts you would put in your mind for that day? If you did this for just one day, what effect would it have on that day, what effect would it have for the rest of your life? Just to choose what thoughts you would create on a particular day. Imagine the power of 50,000 plus wisely chosen thoughts occurring in you in one day.

        Imagine if after that day, your thoughts in the following week were similar to that one day, so for that week you had the power of over 350,000 powerful acts of creation. What could you do with 350,000 thoughts? What would you do? What would you create?

        We are trained not to think for ourselves, we are trained and taught to think of what others deem right or just. We are trained to be sheep. We are trained to feel safe in numbers and be accepted when we think alike. We are trained to feel afraid and rejected, if we think for ourselves and to be discerning. Imagine if we were taught the beauty of thinking for ourselves, of what thoughts to think. We would end up trusting ourselves, being in control of ourselves, being happy with ourselves, being responsible for ourselves, being able to rely on ourselves, we would feel safe, capable, and joyous. We would love living.

        If each waking hour on the hour, you purposely chose to think the thoughts that you want, for just five minutes. You will create a pattern of choosing beneficial thoughts that would become commonplace and you will create a life that is truly reflective of those thoughts. You will become master of your own destiny. Will you settle for anything less?

What we feed our mind today - we harvest tomorrow!

By Philip Martin

Friday, 18 November 2011

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Watch this video first

We see and achieve what we focus on. Healing a chronic disease entails focusing on life, health and healing.

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Cultivating Gratitude

Somehow it seems counter-intuitive to feel grateful for having a chronic illness. After all it can change your life in so many not-so-good ways. That is how I looked at chronic illness before I was diagnosed and for several years after. There was very little good I could find about it. But then something gradually changed and it wasn't my health. It was my attitude. I started feeling grateful.

Chronic illness has helped me become a better person than I was before in ways that I would never go back and change. Ever heard the expression "trial by fire"? Well, that fire can refine us into something as good as gold. Something valuable. Helping us reach a higher standard of human and spiritual existence. The changes were simple at first. Initially, I started feeling greater empathy, especially toward family, friends and even strangers that were struggling with illness. I knew from my own experience what they were going through in their personal trials and was able to be more understanding and helpful to them. Gradually and over time I realized that my own personal capacity for dealing with pain and suffering had increased dramatically. I was able to "endure" more than I ever thought I could. This gave me the confidence I needed to face new challenges. Finally, chronic illness forced me to overcome my own sense of pride and reach out to others for help when I really needed it the most. This has resulted in great blessings for me and my family in learning how to "receive".
Read the whole article here

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Cure For Cancer

The Cure For Cancer

Find Cure For Cancer
I was amazed, in those early days of our journey, how many people knew of the “cure for cancer.” Everyone, it seemed, was an expert and all you had to do was to eat this or take that. Herbs were excitingly wonderful with curative powers beyond belief. Supplemental vitamins were amazing and would cure everything from the common cold to cancer and everything in between – so the experts told us. As time went on, the burden of having to know everything became overwhelming. I fully appreciate why so many people do not undertake alternative healing, in their search for wellness. In those early days, we had a kitchen that bristled with bushes, leaves and bottles. Our cupboards groaned under the weight of stuff that would have made any health food shop look as if it were well stocked. Eventually, I reasoned that enough was enough and we cut back to a level over which I thought I had some control.
Some people just wanted to help at any cost, and they came forward with their own ideas of what to do, mixed with thoughts gained from experience or conversation with others or something that had been reported in the press (I hope to be able to talk of this at a later date). I remember going to dinner with a friend who had owned a nutritional supply company many years previously. “cancer!” He exclaimed when told, “well in that case, you have to do…..” and he was off and running. His advice came thick and fast and non-stop throughout the entire meal until, in exasperation, I commanded him to cease and desist. “For pity’s sake, stop talking about a cure for cancer!” I told him. “I’m sick and tired of bloody cancer! And I’m sick and tired of being told how to cure it about it.” He was hurt and I was angry, but it cut the conversation off right there and then. And it was right there, on that wonderful sun-drenched veranda, that I decided to investigate the facts for myself, but I would do it in a reasonable and as scientific a way, as is possible for a layman to do.
Research Through Reading
I commenced reading. I enjoyed stories of survival, because those tales reassured me that what we sought, was possible. If someone else has done it, I reasoned, then we could do it. If it’s been done, then it can be done again and if it has not been done, then someone has to be the first. Everything is possible. I found motivational books and read at every opportunity. I would repeat these stories to Donna, even as she slept, believing that, at some level, her mind was listening. Years before, I had found Louise Hay’s books, and so I revisited her writings on a regular basis. They were (and are) easily read books, which are not too heavy in content and can be started from almost any page at any time. Even now, so many years later, I retreat to a comfortable chair with one of her books whenever I need comfort and reassurance.
In order to create some kind of basis for the healing journey, we decided to get guidance from people who had been there before us. Someone who had survived both diagnosis and prognosis. We had learned from many people, that meditation is involved in virtually all long-term cancer survival and so we wanted to learn how to meditate properly. We knew, too, that food is important so we needed to learn what to eat, and when to eat it and how to combine the different foods available and perhaps, as important as any other thing that we could do, we needed to associate with others who were on the same journey, looking for their own cure for cancer, so that we could draw from the communal strength and provide strength to our associates when they required it, because in doing so, we knew that someone, somewhere, would be there for us when we needed it too. We researched our options and decided to join a residential programme at the Gawler Foundation at Yarra Valley, in Victoria, Australia. I have mentioned Ian Gawler, the founder, previously and do so now, as a coincidence rather than anything else. We joined about forty other people for a ten-day live-in experience and there we learned in a most gentle way, about the foods that support a conflicted bodily system and foods that do not. We learned about the use of herbs and supplements from experts in those fields and, for me, the most important thing of all, we learned how to meditate from experts. I had already mediated for some time, but Bob Sharples and Ian Gawler taught me how to meditate.
Our Search To Find Our cure for cancer
And so our journey began. I was interested in researching liver cancer and quickly found that there is so much information on the subject of cancer. So much to learn. Too much really, and so I devised a rule, and I share that with you now, there are so many things, so many techniques, so many programmes throughout the world, that it is impossible to understand them all or to have a working knowledge of them all, so here’s what we decided would work for us, if we heard of something, we would thank the people who told us, or thank the Universe for putting it in our way, and then move on, if we heard of it a second time, from a different source, we would notice it and thank the person or the Universe for sending it again, but if we heard it a third time, from yet another source, I would investigate it and investigate it as thoroughly as I possibly could. Now, you might have noticed, that I changed from we to I and there is a reason for that. The practical reason is that we had just one computer, but more importantly, Donna needed all of her strength in those early days, to maintain her healing. It was her job to concentrate on herself and to rest and recuperate and meditate when she could. There were times, of course, when she was able to do her own investigation, however, gradually that task fell to me. As the cancer support groups commenced, Donna became involved in that organisation. People wanted to speak to the survivor, to be with her and some, to hold her hand, to feel the real. To reassure themselves that it is possible, this survival thing. One person has done it…..
Beware The Weak Spirit
Being the survivor was exhausting for her and this is a good point to remember for you too. I believe that we each have a spirit, some might equate such a spirit with the description of soul, others describe it as presence. No matter how the word spirit is rationalised, I believe that spirit is a finite resource and quickly goes from a positive resonance to negative when not nourished through kindness and unconditional, positive regard for our selves, our fellow travellers, our world and our universe. Now these are cornerstones of life, and are life long strivings to perfect. Some believe that they are the reasons for our existence, whatever you may believe, I think they present us with areas of opportunity. Opportunities to learn? Certainly. Opportunities to grow? Undoubtedly all of these things, but also opportunities to show that we can be fully human in the true sense of the word. Sometimes, we come across another, who has not embraced their opportunities and whose spirit is lacking and those people innately identify another, whose spirit is more complete and they are driven to be with those people. Unconsciously attracted to one whose spirit is stronger. Like a sponge, they quickly take spiritual nourishment, leaving the once strong person, weaker, physically, mentally and psychologically. These weaker spirited people will drain you, if you are not prepared. We have all had the experience, I am sure, that when we have spent time in the company of some people, we my feel that they “have sucked the life out of me” – do you recognise this? That is a weaker spirit, recognising and taking the opportunity to gain sustenance from a stronger spirit. You must be aware of these instances on your healing journey and take precautions to not over-expose yourself. I have mentioned previously, to be aware of who you are around. Get around the right people, as the saying goes, because it is by being around the people you wish to emulate and who are like minded in their thinking, that you will be supported.
A final word about finding the cure for cancer
We have touched on a few of the beginning lessons for the healing journey. The basics we need to address. I shall attempt to expand on many ideas in future entries. These are my ideas based on our experiences and in no way reflect everything that is available. Research is a wonderful thing and today, the internet is a vast and impressive tool – beware of accepting available information on face value. I believe that no one can supply you with the cure for cancer. No oncologist, no naturopath, no surgeon. No one can cure you – except for yourself. We are our own healers, however, sometimes we need assistance to find the way. I have come to the opinion that it is what we put into our head that is the cure for cancer. What we put into our mouth, what we breathe, what we see hear and what we do. I still do not know how the order of importance sits, perhaps it is food, perhaps nutrition or herbs. I believe that the single most important thing that we can do is to gain psychological power. He who thinks he is lost, is lost. Nobody wins a race, without first seeing themselves breasting the tape in front of the field.
by John A Allan
John is a published author, trained in Counselling, NLP, clinical Hypnosis and EFT with more than fifteen years in assisting people with cancer and their carers. John has facilitated both residential and day programmes, including cancer support groups during those years.
He has a blog at where downloadable copies of “cancer Cause And Effect” may be purchased with the free E Book, “A Journey With cancer – Donna’s Story” and Michael Masani’s introduction to meditation “Meditation Made Easy.”
Visit today and claim your copies!
Article Source:
Article Source:
I particularly like this paragraph
"I have come to the opinion that it is what we put into our head that is the cure for cancer. What we put into our mouth, what we breathe, what we see hear and what we do. I still do not know how the order of importance sits, perhaps it is food, perhaps nutrition or herbs. I believe that the single most important thing that we can do is to gain psychological power. He who thinks he is lost, is lost. Nobody wins a race, without first seeing themselves breasting the tape in front of the field."

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Attitude - the key to success


Hi Friend,

Victor Frankl once wrote, "Everything can be taken from a person but one thing: the last of human freedoms - to choose one's attitudes in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way." Frankl was right. Attitude is a choice. You could be faced with a thousand problems, many or most over which you have absolutely no control. However, there is always one thing you are in complete and absolute control of and that is your own attitude.

When you surrender control of your attitude to what appears to be a negative situation, you will react to that situation. More often than not, reacting is inappropriate. On the other hand, if you were to remain objective, you would respond to the situation appropriately, thereby creating a winning situation.

If attitude is such an important word, why do so few people understand it? To be honest, it wasn't until I was in my late 20s when I finally understood its full impact. All through my teens and into my early adult life, I can't tell you the number of times that I heard, "Bob, if you'd just change your attitude, you would do a lot better." In retrospect I can easily see the cause of my problem. I didn't know what attitude was, let alone know how to change it!

Attitude is the composite of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Your conscious mind controls feeling and ultimately dictates whether your feelings will be positive or negative by your choice of thoughts, then your body displays those choices through action and behavior.

Attitude is actually a creative cycle that begins with your choice of thoughts. You do choose your thoughts and that choice is where your attitude originates. As you internalize ideas or become emotionally involved with your thoughts, you create the second stage in forming an attitude; you move your entire being - mind and body - into a new "vibration." Your conscious awareness of this vibration is referred to as "feeling".Your feelings are then expressed in actions or behaviors that produce the various results in your life.

Positive results are always the effect of a positive attitude. Attitude and results are inseparable. They follow one another like night follows day. What I mean by that is: one is the cause, the other, the result. There is a term we use to distinguish this "cause and effect" relationship, it is called The Law of Cause and Effect. Simply stated, if you think in negative terms, you will get negative results; if you think in positive terms you will achieve positive results. Ralph Waldo Emerson reiterated that same point when he said, "A person is what they think about all day long." The results you achieve in life are nothing more than an expression of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Take a close look at your life and evaluate the results you are achieving in various areas. See if you are able to relate your attitude to your results.

Winning and losing are opposite sides of the same coin - and that coin is attitude. There are many things wrong in this world; unfortunately that is all some people are able to see. Those who view the world in this light are often unhappy and somewhat cynical. Usually, their life is one of lack and limitation and it almost appears as if they move from one bad experience to another. I know people who are like this and I'm certain you do as well. It would appear as if they were born with a streak of bad luck and it has followed them around their whole life. These individuals are quick to blame circumstances or other people for their problems, rather than accepting responsibility for their life and their attitude.

Conversely, there are others who are forever winning and living the good life. They are the real movers and shakers who make things happen. They seem to go from one major accomplishment to another. They're in control of their life; they know where they are going and know they will get there. They are the real winners in life and their wins are a matter of choice.

You can experience that kind of life as well, you only need to decide. Making that simple decision is the first step to a new life. Dorothea Brand once said, "Act as if it were impossible to fail," and I challenge you to do so. By simply becoming aware that you can choose your thoughts each and every day, you will change your entire outlook. You have the power to choose an abundant life no matter your circumstances. That active choice will allow other positive people and opportunities to be attracted into your life. Don't wait to experience all the wonderful things the universe has in store for you. Start today by working on your attitude and welcome the abundant life that you were meant to lead.

To your success,
Bob Proctor
See the 11 Forgotten Laws from Bob Proctor

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Chantix, Pfizer's smoking cessation drug.

From emails
Highy recommended

Dear Reader,

It's one of those questions we all hope we'll never be faced with...and we shouldn't have to be:

Would you rather risk cancer or literally going crazy?

It would be agonizing to actually have to make that choice. Who would ever want to put themselves at risk of either outcome? Nobody, of course.

Fortunately, the FDA has made the choice for millions in the form of a new recommendation concerning one of the most outrageous drugs I've ever seen -- and as you know, I've seen MANY of those.

I'm talking about Chantix, Pfizer's smoking cessation drug. If you take it and it works you'll quit smoking, which could reduce your risk of getting cancer. But whether it works or not, you're opening yourself (and your loved ones and complete strangers) to a wide range of shocking and dangerous psychological problems.

Tough choice? Well, not for the FDA!

It seems that agency officials have gone well above and far beyond to help protect this drug from the reputation that it might turn mild-mannered folks into raging psychos.

Spinning the message

Here's the chain of events the FDA set in motion that ended up whitewashing this dangerous and only mildly effective drug.

First, the agency sponsored two Chantix studies. Each evaluated risk of neuropsychiatric adverse events linked to the drug.

Second, the FDA issued a "Safety Announcement," to tell us this: "Neither study found a difference in risk of neuropsychiatric hospitalizations between Chantix and nicotine replacement therapy."

Third, the media responded with headlines like this one from MSNBC: "FDA: Studies do not tie Chantix to psych problems."

Mission Accomplished!

So if you were feeling a bit wary about trying Chantix because you heard that some people have extreme adverse events ranging from rage to suicide, well don't you worry about a thing, because these studies (according to many different headlines) do not tie Chantix to psych problems. No worries!


Here's the catch...

The key word in the FDA announcement is the word "hospitalizations."

You see, both of the studies examined the numbers of neuropsychiatric hospitalizations linked to Chantix. So, for instance, if there had been a man enrolled in this study who committed murder-suicide (this is just one actual tragedy linked to the drug, outside the study), there would be no hospitalization involved so his outcome wouldn't be included in the results.

Is that clever, maneuvering by the people who designed this study, or what?

But here's the truly amazing thing: In the Safety Announcement, the FDA actually ADMITS that the study is fundamentally flawed, stating that the results "do not rule out an increased risk of other neuropsychiatric events with Chantix."

And yet, even with that disclaimer, the media rushed in with those positive, reassuring headlines, completely ignoring this warning on the Chantix website: "If you...develop suicidal thoughts or actions, anxiety, panic, aggression, anger, mania, abnormal sensations, hallucinations, paranoia, or confusion, stop taking CHANTIX and call your doctor right away."

Call your doctor? You mean, if you decide to murder your wife and commit suicide, you should wait and call your doctor instead? Good advice!

And the same goes for the young woman who beat up her boyfriend in his sleep and then attempted suicide, or the middle-aged man who punched a stranger in a bowling alley, or the woman who became enraged while driving and struck her daughter in the mouth. (All of these are actual reported events that may have been triggered by Chantix use.)

That's right -- don't do any of those things! Just pick up the phone and call your doctor. Hopefully you won't be hallucinating that your phone is an animal trying to attack your face.

The FDA announcement concludes with this: "The Agency continues to believe that the drug's benefits outweigh the risks."

Which leads ME to continue to believe that someone at the Agency may be experiencing neuropsychiatric events.


Jenny Thompson

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Outrageous New Attack on Dr. Burzynski-New Action Alert

The pioneering cancer doctor is a target once again. But you can help stop the attack.
Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD, is a biochemist practicing in Texas who developed (using his own money) a nontoxic gene-targeted cancer therapy called antineoplastons. It has been shown to effectively help cure some of the most “incurable” forms of terminal cancer.
Dr. Burzynski had tried to get the FDA to review and approve antineoplastons since 1977, to no avail. To make sure he would not get into trouble for using the experimental therapy in his practice, his legal team confirmed that he was acting within the law and could use antineoplastons in his own practice “to meet the immediate needs of patients.” But in the 1980s the Texas Medical Board (TMB) charged him with breaking a law that didn’t actually exist and tried to revoke his medical license. Numerous investigations later—including an appearance before the Texas Supreme Court—found no violation of any law or standard of care. The TMB came up empty-handed.
We have reported on the TMB’s pattern of harassment against integrative doctors a number of times, discussing serious allegations from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the serious attacks on Dr. Bill Rea’s work in environmental medicine and chemical sensitivity, and on Texas Governor Rick Perry’s involvement in appointing board members who actively harass integrative physicians.
As Dr. Joseph Mercola reported in June of this year, the FDA, the pharmaceutical industry, and the National Cancer Institute all knew how promising Dr. Burzynski’s therapy was proving to be. Standard cancer treatment is based on very expensive machines and very expensive toxic drugs. There is an enormous amount of money to be made in this paradigm, and Dr. Burzynski’s work single-handedly threatened to overturn much of it. On the other hand, this treatment showed such promise that they wanted to get their hands on it themselves.
So first they tried to copy his invention using a single non-patented ingredient, and when that failed, they tried to steal his patents out from under him. However, they knew they couldn’t use the stolen patents so long as he had the ability to defend his rights. So the government spent over $60 million to prosecute him on 75 counts of violating federal law, hoping to tuck him away in jail for the rest of his life.
For the next ten years, Dr. Burzynski was engaged in a lengthy and convoluted legal battle with the FDA. After two trials, he was found not guilty on all counts, and his antineoplastons medication is currently undergoing the FDA approval process. His fight was chronicled in a stunning documentary film, Burzynski: The Movie. More info on the documentary can be found at the film’s website, while the movie itself can be viewed online for a limited time.
Now the Texas Medical Board is back. The TMB is making yet another attempt to revoke Dr. Burzynski’s medical license which, if successful, would result in the closure of his clinic, the abandonment of all his patients, and would squelch any possibility of antineoplastons gaining FDA-approval.
Using the death of two of his terminally ill patients as a pretext, the TMB is charging Dr. Burzynski with the off-label use of FDA-approved drugs. It must be stressed, however, that Dr. Burzynski uses the drugs off-label in order to tailor the medication specifically to an individual’s genetic profile, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach. Dr. Burzynski takes blood and tissue samples from his patients to form their molecular profile. From that he chooses from wide variety of existing FDA-approved drugs to tailor his gene-targeted therapy to his patient’s genetic profile specifically.
Multi-agent targeted gene therapies are the way of future. The American Society of Clinical Oncology has stated that they want to focus on “targeted therapies and personalized diagnosis and treatment” over the next decade. Dr. Burzynski is the only one who is using such a treatment on patients today.
The TMB’s complaint concerns a patient who had triple-negative breast cancer, had already undergone conventional cancer treatment without success, and initially felt better after Dr. Burzynski’s treatment and was able to return to work. The board is charging Dr. Burzynski over the side effects of his treatment, though they do not seem concerned with the horrible side effects she experienced with the conventional cancer treatments.
The complaint also concerns a patient with estensioneruoblastoma, a cancer so rare that any medication use would have been “off-label” since there is no recognized treatment for this disease at all. The patient lived for five more years and the tumor decreased in size by 40%, but the TMB complaint is charging that the disease actually progressed during his treatment.
The off-label use of FDA-approved drugs is not uncommon, and it is legal. According to the American Cancer Society, a study showed that 8 out of 10 cancer doctors surveyed had used drugs off-label. And half of the chemotherapy drugs used are for conditions not listed on the FDA-approved drug label.
Please take 20 minutes to watch this brand-new video on the upcoming court case, and share it with friends. Not only does it outline the charges involved in this case, but it also gives you a glimpse at a new side of Dr. Burzynski’s treatment. You’ll be shocked at how flimsy the TMB’s case is—and how doggedly persistent the board is in harassing Dr. Burzynski and others like him.
The Texas Medical Board v. Stanislaw Burzynski trial will begin on April 11, 2012. Please write to Gov. Rick Perry, who appointed a number of members of the TMB, including its heads, as well as the House Committee on Public Health and the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, which oversee the TMB. This is about our right as citizens to choose our own cancer treatment—and not allow decades of important gene-targeted cancer research be flushed down the drain in the name of protecting the profits of an industry that doesn’t want Burzynski to survive. Please take action today!
Click THIS LINK to go to the Action Alert page. Once there, fill out the form with your name and address, etc., and customize your letter. We have a suggested message for you, but please feel free to add your own comments to the letter.
We’d also love to hear your comments about this article—just add your thoughts below—but remember that the messages below are only seen by our ANH-USA readers and not the Texas Legislature, the Governor, etc.

The Most Promising Cancer Advancement in 30 Years

The Most Promising Cancer Advancement in 30 Years
...But Despite Research Validation and FDA Approval,
Cancer Industry Conceals the Findings

Have you ever wondered if you have cancer? If you have, there's a simple test that detects cancer anywhere in the body with a 95% accuracy rate.

You may feel nervous about finding out whether symptom-free cancer cells are lurking in your body ... but the fact is, cancer caught early can be easily cured with safe, proven immunity-boosting supplements.

This revolutionary test detects cancer much, much earlier—up to 19 months earlier—than any other test ever developed. It could prevent tens of thousands of cancer deaths each year by catching cancer earlier, when it's still easily and safely treated.

That's why this test is considered the most promising cancer advancement in 30 years.

The doctor who developed the test was a Harvard educated neurochemist. He holds 23 medical patents and has published numerous articles in nearly every major medical journal. He was also the doctor who, in 2009, first warned the CDC about the swine flu outbreak.

Considering this doctor's impressive credentials, why has his breakthrough test not been more widely implemented?

After all, it was...

==> Supported by over 20 years of research
==> Approved by the FDA
==> Covered by Medicare

The test is also simple. It requires only a small blood sample to perform and could save countless lives each year. Yet, most general practitioners, family doctors, and even oncologists haven't heard of this test.

Keeping this test from the public seems nearly criminal, considering the tragic toll cancer takes every day.

Putting an End to Preventable Cancer Deaths

On average, cancer kills more than 1,500 people every day—and most of these deaths could be prevented if Americans had access to the early detection test. Caught at its earliest stages, cancer can be eradicated safely, naturally, and reliably using nutritional supplements instead of invasive procedures and toxic treatments.

The powerful effects of nutritional supplements against cancer are well proven. One research team that's documented these benefits extensively is based in an elite molecular oncology lab in Germany. The team's work has appeared in the film Cancer Conquest, the book Knockout: Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer, and in articles in Life Extension magazine. They've compiled extensive documentation of the incredible benefits nutritional supplements can have in the fight against cancer.

For example, two botanicals known to fight cancer include curcumin and pawpaw:

A number of studies show that curcumin can actually eliminate cancer cells from the body. For as little as $8, it can be administered at levels that rival the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatment. This low-cost, natural substance can treat cancer in early stages with none of the side effects of mainstream treatments. Its effects are so powerful that many medical practitioners refer to it as "nutritional chemotherapy."
In a recent clinical study, 100 cancer patients who were given pawpaw extract were shown to have measurable signs of increased natural defense mechanisms during times of cellular stress.

The bottom line is that it is completely possible to beat cancer with natural supplements and immune booster if you catch it early enough.

And the best, most reliable method of early detection already exists.

Several major studies involving more than 10,000 participants have verified the validity of this remarkable test. But greed and closed-mindedness have colluded to keep it from the public.

Life-Saving Detection Method Buried by Cancer Machine

Several years ago, a retired investment broker stumbled over an astonishing scientific article. It described an exceedingly sensitive cancer test that could detect the presence of any type of cancer almost 2 years earlier than any other test, with 99% accuracy.

The article referenced 3 additional reports on the breakthrough. One of those reports had analyzed the results of more than 8,000 tests. Articles on this testing method have been published in:

  • The Lancet, one of the world's most respected medical journals since its inaugural publication in 1823
  • Cancer Detection and Prevention, a leading journal on methods for early detection of cancer
  • The Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, an independent journal devoted to studying medical advances on a cellular level

All of this research indicates that the early detection cancer test is based on solid, proven science. It works like this:

When the immune system destroys cancer cells, it produces a certain protein. The level of this protein in your blood is a direct indicator of how many cancer cells are present in your body.

The doctor who developed the test spent 20 years studying the levels of this critical protein in the blood of cancer patients. He identified the exact turning point at which your immune system can no longer reduce cancer cell concentrations on its own— His remarkable test Identifies this earliest turning point at which cancer can still be treated quickly, easily, and naturally by boosting your own immune system.

The test is simple, fast, and amazingly reliable. A single administration of the test has an accuracy rate of 95%—and with a second administration, that accuracy rate rises to 99%.

The Business Side of Sickness

The ugly truth is that cancer is a profitable business. By 2020, treatment and associated costs of cancer will reach a staggering $207 billion.

Imagine what would happen if everyone took this simple test, caught their cancers early, and cured themselves easily with inexpensive and proven nutritional supplements? How many billions of dollars would that cost the cancer industry?

And cancer isn't the only disease that could be turned around naturally if the public had full access to all information on every proven treatment already available for all conditions. Many simple, natural, and incredibly effective cures for the most common and deadly diseases already exist, but have been suppressed in the name of profit.

Hidden Truths Too Powerful To Ignore

Ultimately, we can do little to stop unethical practices by the medical machine. Fortunately, however, you can take action to protect yourself and your loved ones. Start by watching this presentation that includes all the details on this incredible test. You'll find out the location of cancer centers that offer it and how it is administered.

You'll also hear shocking facts about other crucial medical breakthroughs, hidden cures, and uncompromised truths, such as:

A doctor who brought a heart attack victim out of a coma after her original doctor had given up hope—and how you can use the knowledge he gained to re-fuel an energy starved heart and keep it pumping smoothly for years to come.
How to gain complete and permanent control over diabetes, and never suffer another blood sugar spike or crash again.
How you can actually use salt to lower your blood pressure.
How to grow biologically younger by harnessing the power of a 2009 Nobel Prize-winning discovery that unlocked the genetic key to reversing aging.

Click here to obtain all of this and more in the only consumer dossier on the cancer test too powerful to ignore.

If the links above aren't working, just copy & paste the following
website address onto your Internet browser:

Positive Belief to Beat Cancer

Positive Belief to Beat Cancer

ByTeonghooi Ong
Expert Author Teonghooi OngWhen you are told "You have cancer", your whole world will just come crashing down. Desperation, anger, disappointment, fear and anxiety are feelings which seem to come all at the same time. My experience was no different. When everything has settled down and you accept the situation, you then weigh your treatment options. Anyone who has gone through conventional cancer treatment like Radiation and especially Chemotherapy knows that it is the most horrible experience one can ever go through in a life time. I found that short and long term effects of the treatment were worse than the disease.
Surviving the Cancer treatment requires a lot from a victim. It requires will power, discipline, physical and mental strength, plentiful support, and a very special mindset - Positive Belief. The positive belief that you will beat this cancer and overcome the effects of cancer treatment will determine how, and if you win the cancer battle.
Now, looking back at my cancer journey, positive belief had a lot to do with me beating the cancer. It is not always easy to maintain a positive belief but it imperative if you are going to beat cancer. So what does positive belief really mean?
Positive belief means you do not think negatively about the cancer situation. Take it one day at a time. Find interesting, happy things to look forward to for the next hour, next day and next week. Pre-occupy yourself with interesting small projects which will take your mind away. This could be as simple as watching a movie or looking forward to visitors or even looking forward to a simple meal. I had many mini projects like writing a blog, creating a little vegetable farm in my garden and caring for the plants. Watching the vegetables grow and mature was amazing therapy. Having an animal around, especially dogs, is definitely good therapy.
Positive belief can also come from focusing on activities which creates positive energy like meditation, yoga and QiGong. Many people have positive experiences with these activities and it has significant impact on cancer recovery. I too have experienced this first hand with QiGong and Yoga.
From my research, even painting and dancing are also activities which creates positive belief. Focusing on one's own religious beliefs and the power of prayer are other methods of creating positive energy which can deliver significant effects. It seems that with positive belief, the body creates an environment conducive for self-healing.
Regardless of which method of creating positive belief, the idea is to have positive thoughts. The body seems to tap into these positive thoughts and creates healing energy and it is capable of miraculous effects. It is even better if one becomes focused on one of the methods. Many stories have been told about the effects of doing intensive QiGong and eventually curing cancer. Similar stories can be found on the effects of Yoga and prayers. There was one story of a woman in China who retreated into the mountains to paint when told that she had only two months to live. She returned six months later and her tumours receded miraculously. There are many such inspiring stories and they give hope to those inflicted with cancer and undergoing treatment. It is all due to the power of positive belief.
Th Ong has fought cancer and won. He shares his story and his research to prevent cancer in the first place. He gives his book OnTopOfCancer for Free on the internet at
Article Source:

Positive Thinking is confirming to the unconscious mind that life is worth living and assists in eliminating the resistence to healing..

Philip Martin

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Spontaneous Remission from Disease is Now Possible


Spontaneous Remission from Disease is Now Possible

A new development in the field of science called epigenetics gives you the possibility of remission from cancer and other diseases.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a world-renowned leader in cellular biology and quantum physics revealed that DNA responds to signals from outside the cells. As we constantly adjust to our environment in our mind, so do our cells.

Through epigenetics, you can "rewrite" or "turn off" defective genes through your mind...
click here to keep reading.

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Sedona Method - Inner Peace

I highly recommend the Sedona Method, the benefits will be lifelong and you won't look back.
Philip Martin

Beyond wealth, beyond autonomy, even beyond happiness, if you have inner peace you can feel that all is right with the world. It's the place where nothing can bring you down; make you angry or cause you harm, because inside you are all right.

And it’s the place so many of us need now, more than ever.

We don't have to tell you that stress is rampant all around us, and our lives are getting increasingly hectic, rather than simple. You probably already feel it, and live it.
But amidst all the chaos, inside you can have peace.

“Inner peace is natural to each and every one of us,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates. “Yet most of us keep ourselves so busy and so externally focused we don’t realize that right within us is the peace and happiness we are trying to create with our external action.”

To restore your inner peace, or achieve it in the first place, all you have to do is realize that you are separate from your thoughts. And when your thoughts start to go toward chaos -- bills, arguments, projects at work, errands to run -- you can let them go, quickly, by using The Sedona Method.
“In this moment could you allow yourself to notice that the peace you are looking for is already right within you? Now as best you can, could you welcome this peace that you are?” Dwoskin asks. “Could you simply let go and “be” just for this moment … the more you allow yourself to let go and be moment to moment, the more you won't notice both inner and outer peace -- and the more you will reap the benefits of allowing this peace to support you and enliven you.”

Releasing with The Sedona Method is actually one of the simplest, fastest and most direct ways of restoring inner peace, because it instantly frees you from the thoughts that are weighing you down. And we all know it’s our thoughts that keep us up at night, make us feel anxious and panicked, and sometimes make it hard to even smile.

When you let go of that negativity, you are free to feel peaceful. Realize you can feel that way at any time, and ALL the time, because peace is always at your core.

Now, there are other methods, too, that can help you get to that place of inner peace we all crave. Along with using The Sedona Method, the following simple pleasures will also help you to find calm and balance in an otherwise hectic world, so we recommend you do them all, and do them often.

1. Smile and, even better, laugh
2. Pet an animal
3. Meditate
4. Watch children at play (and join in)
5. Spend time in nature
6. Watch the sun rise or set
7. Take a deep breath, then another, and another
8. Do something kind for someone
9. Listen to music you love
10. Do some yoga or other gentle exercise (stretching, Tai Chi, etc.)

Visit The Sedona Method Now

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Vit B6, asprin and colorectal cancer

Dear Reader,

When I tuned in to NBC Nightly News the other night, anchor Brian Williams started off the broadcast on such a high dramatic note, I thought he might go operatic on us and start belting out his report in song.

Turns out, Brian was awestruck by aspirin, based on a new study that links aspirin with a reduced risk of colorectal cancer.

Of course, there's a catch or two -- a couple of details that sort of deflated Brian's opening aria.

First -- the study only included patients with Lynch syndrome, a condition that sharply increases colorectal cancer risk. So while aspirin may have protected some Lynch syndrome patients from colorectal cancer, those results can't be extrapolated to the general population.

Second -- subjects in the study received 600 mg of aspirin daily. And that's a long LONG way from the 81 mg low dose that's commonly recommended for heart benefits.

Those extra 519 mg per day would dramatically increase risk of stomach bleeding, heart attack, and stroke -- three known side effects caused by regular use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which includes aspirin.

So let's come back down to earth with this "breakthrough" research that does not offer the average person a reasonable way to help prevent colorectal cancer.

For that, we can simply turn to a vitamin supplement...

Out of the ordinary

Last year I told you about a Journal of the American Medical Association meta-analysis of 13 studies. Nine examined vitamin B6 intake, and four examined blood levels of PLP, the active form of B6. All the studies compared B6 status to cases of colorectal cancer.

This isn't the first time B6 has made an e-Alert appearance as a colorectal cancer fighter. In fact, some of these studies I've told you about are likely included in the JAMA analysis:

* A Harvard Medical School study showed that subjects with the highest B6 levels had a much lower risk of colorectal cancer compared to subjects with the lowest levels
* Tufts University research found that even a modest deficiency of key components in the B complex (including B6) increased colorectal cancer risk
* In a large study from Scotland's University of Edinburgh, high levels of B6 intake reduced colorectal cancer risk by more than 20 percent
* Another Harvard trial found colorectal cancer risk significantly reduced among subjects who had the highest dietary intake of folate and B6

In the new JAMA meta-analysis from Sweden's Karolinska Institute...well, you can see exactly where this is going: Higher B6 intake and blood PLP levels were linked to lower colorectal cancer risk -- and the higher the PLP levels, the stronger the link.

If lowering colorectal cancer risk was your only health concern, A) You'd be very lucky, and B) This JAMA summation of B6 research would be all the reason you'd need to make sure your daily intake was high.

But B6 is no ordinary vitamin.

Just a few years ago, John M. Ellis, M.D., put B6 on the map with a groundbreaking book titled "Vitamin B6 Therapy: Nature's Versatile Healer." In it, Dr. Ellis explains that PLP is a coenzyme that activates many crucial enzyme systems. In fact, nearly 120 enzymes need B6 to function properly, and 19 out of your body's 20 amino acids require B6.

That's why it's no surprise that B6 also plays a key role in many other health issues, including immune function, hormone function, and cognitive function, as well as the prevention of heart disease, depression, kidney stones, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.

Now...let's see aspirin try to do all that with zero risk of side effects.

Brian? Ready to sing?

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Monday, 7 November 2011

From the quantum soup, we make our destiny

I want you to understand that there are no colors in the real world, that there are no textures in the real world, there are no fragrances in the real world. There is no beauty, there is no ugliness.
There is nothing of the sort. Out there is a chaos of energy soup and energy fields. Literally, we take that and somewhere inside ourselves we create a world. Somewhere inside ourselves it all happens.
Sir John Eccles (Nobel Prize, Physiology)

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Breast Cancer Discovery: Ukrainian Clinical Study Shows Stunning Achievement of Respiration Retraining Oxygenation Treatment

Breast Cancer Discovery: Ukrainian Clinical Study Shows Stunning Achievement of Respiration Retraining Oxygenation Treatment
07 November 2011
Metastasized breast cancers can be frequently deadly. Up to 20-25 percent of females die during next 5 years because of spread of cancerous cells to additional parts of the body. Around the globe hundreds of groups of investigates and specialists are actually gazing for solutions to enhance the scientific results as well as lower mortality using improved body oxygenation methods. » read more...

Wake up call

A cancer diagnosis is a sign to stop, take a critical look at the way you’re living and put yourself on a different path. Any unwillingness to change could dramatically decrease your chances of success and/or survival.

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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Something Big Pharma Wants to Keep You from Knowing...

Something Big Pharma Wants to Keep You from Knowing...

The FDA is in the process of drafting new regulations for dietary supplements. It's so stringent that some of the most popular (and effective) nutrients, such as CoQ10, resveratrol, strontium, and bacopa, among many others, will be pulled from the market.

Experts are urging us to act now and learn as much as possible about how to use herbs as medicine. Keep reading, before it's too late.

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Something Big Pharma Wants to Keep You from Knowing...`

Something Big Pharma Wants to Keep You from Knowing...

The FDA is in the process of drafting new regulations for dietary supplements. It's so stringent that some of the most popular (and effective) nutrients, such as CoQ10, resveratrol, strontium, and bacopa, among many others, will be pulled from the market.

Experts are urging us to act now and learn as much as possible about how to use herbs as medicine. Keep reading, before it's too late.

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

A new take on psychoneuroimmunology

Even though doctors have all but rejected the idea that going out in the winter with wet hair causes colds, many mothers still insist it's a recipe for illness. Those moms may soon have data on their side from some new research linking stress and the immune system.
The research indicates that stress--maybe even the stress of being cold--appears to tap into the same immune system­nervous system loop that triggers symptoms of the common cold, according to Steven Maier, PhD, who gave the Neal Miller Lecture at APA's 2001 Annual Convention.
For more than a decade, researchers have known that behavioral and psychological events can influence the immune system. But now new research shows that the immune system sends signals to the brain "that potently alter neural activity and thereby alter everything that flows from neural activity, mainly behavior, thought and mood," said Maier, professor of psychology at the University of Colorado.
"In a real, true sense, stress makes you physically sick," explained Maier. "In addition, many of the changes over time in mood and cognition from day to day are driven by events in the immune system of which we are unaware."
Read more

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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

This "Principle" Makes Cancer Vanish ...

Did You Know...

...that love—yes, love—can cause cancer to vanish ... tumors to shrink ... chronic pain to disappear ... and remarkable health transformations to occur?

Most people don't realize that love is the cornerstone of all healings. Healing is rarely complete without it. Even prayer-based healing is fueled by one's heartfelt acknowledgement and affirmation of the power of divine love. Sometimes, all that is necessary to heal a patient is just to love them at the spiritual level—and allow them to heal by their own recognition that they are loved.

Following is an excerpt from The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures No One is Talking About that illustrates the phenomenon of healing through love:

Dr. James R. Newton Dr. James Rogers Newton, a renowned 19th century public healer from Cincinnati, Ohio, performed seemingly miraculous healings primarily by gazing lovingly upon his patients. His fame spread and his practice ballooned until his waiting rooms were brimming with ill people seeking his help.

At the height of his career, Dr. Newton was healing 100 patients a day, and many of these healings were even notarized and attested to by the most notable individuals in Cincinnati. In his book, The Modern Bethesda or The Gift of Healing Restored (written in 1879), he wrote: "The healer must be imbued with the love principle."