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The Formula for Healing Cancer:

The Formula for Healing Cancer:

Could your mind and your emotions be better cancer fighters than chemotherapy — and how do you unlock their awesome power?
The bad news is that there is no magic bullet, alternative or conventional. The good news is that there IS a formula for healing cancer. The body’s innate wisdom and ability to heal itself surpasses that of the most advanced medical technology, ancient herbal formula or latest scientific breakthrough. And mental-emotional balance is the foundation for it all. Where and how to start to start? Read More >>

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Dr. Max Gerson

Dr. Max Gerson

Persecuted for Curing Cancer Naturally
   Treating disease through nutritional therapy and detoxification is not a new treatment modality. Dr. Max Gerson discovered the power of healing through nutrition and detoxification more than eighty years ago.

    Gerson suffered from migraines since childhood. His early experiments with diet were conducted as a means to find a cure. After becoming an M.D., he recommended his successful migraine diet to his patients, one of whom also suffered from lupus vulgaris (skin tuberculosis). The diet rid the man of migraines, and his skin lesions disappeared as well.

   Albert Schweitzer and Max Gerson become lifelong friends after Dr. Gerson’s therapy cured Schweitzer of his Type II diabetes, cured Albert’s daughter of a chronic skin condition, and saved the life of Albert’s wife, suffering from tuberculosis of the lung which had not responded to conventional treatment. 

   As Dr. Gerson continued to treat and cure tuberculosis patients, word spread. A well known and well respected physician set up a carefully monitored, in-house, hospital trial to replicate the results of the Gerson Therapy, but the diet wasn’t working. The patients made no progress towards recovery; several actually worsened.  The hospital was on the brink of ending the trial when a nurse was caught sneaking prohibited food into the ward. Once the Gerson Therapy diet was strictly enforced, the patients rapidly responded to treatment. Of 450 lupus vulgaris patients - patients suffering from a hideous incurable disease - 446 were cured.
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Friday, 30 December 2011

What are you doing wrong?

To achieve the result that you desire in any situation, you have to do the things that produce that result, yes this is obvious but more importantly, you have to stop doing the things, that produce the results that you don't want! If you have results today that are undesirable, then you have taken actions to get those results! If we accept this and take responsibility for it, then we have a great advantage in achieving the results that we do want. But if we (emotionally) baulk at this and let blame, guilt and judgement get in the way, then we we will simply keep achieving the results that we have all ready got.

Nobody wants to be in the wrong, nobody wants to be to blame, nobody wants to be judged harshly, these are sometimes just too painful to bear and this is the great pitfall for those with a chronic disease. In order to escape the perceived painful emotions of taking responsibility, we refuse to take responsibility for our diseases and the condition that we find our selves in. And so change is prevented. Different results, the ones that we desire, become almost impossible to achieve for we unconsciously will resist change and healing cancer for example requires a massive change.

The body can heal, it is an innate ability. You don't need to do this or that to heal. You have to stop doing what you are doing wrong! This may be unpalatable but it is undeniably the starting point. Until you stop doing what you are doing wrong, how can you expect different results?

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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Heartbreaking, but true -- some cancer patients are exploited in the worst possible way

Dear Reader,

I really don't want to think the worst, but some oncologists make it very difficult to give the benefit of the doubt.

Putting myself in their shoes, I can't imagine what it would be like to look into the eyes of elderly cancer patients, day after day, and tell them there's nothing that can be done.

So I want to think that many oncologists are simply offering treatments they know are ineffective in order to give some hope and to make their work just a little bit less heartbreaking.

It might be wrong but at least I could understand it.

But sadly, that's probably not the primary reason why desperate patients are being subjected to needless -- and worthless -- chemo treatments.

No, it's much more likely that it's all about the billing in most cases...and it's a national disgrace.

Read the whole story here

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Monday, 26 December 2011

This is a must read!

Resistance: Why cancer patients may ignore, ridicule, reject, & attack alternative cancer treatments

On the reasons why even very ill and suffering people-in spite of conventional-orthodox therapy failing to help them-may ridicule and attack any medical & holistic alternatives to mainstream cancer therapy options offered and reject them out of hand without having even tried or researched them.

Copyright © 2004 - 2010 Healing Cancer Naturally

"The pain of a new idea is one of the greatest pains in human nature... Your favorite notion may be wrong, your firmest beliefs ill-founded. And your favorite foods may be the root cause of your greatest pains! It's a fact of life that people find it much easier to believe a lie they've heard a thousand times than a fact they've never heard before." Daniel P. Reid
"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
Arthur Schopenhauer
”Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority.”
Thomas Huxley
Are you the friend or relative of a person who has been diagnosed with cancer and who just follows ”doctor's orders” of chemo, radiation and surgery without appearing to benefit - but rather seeming to steadily go downhill? Have you tried telling them about ”alternatives” – basic common-sense approaches like optimised nutrition, detoxification, prayer, meditation, taking charge of one's health etc. etc. but found yourself and your suggestions ignored - or worse brushed off and ridiculed, if not met with outright hostility?
Read the whole article here

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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Why the FDA Approved a Phenomenal Breakthrough in Cancer—and Then Kept it Quiet

Why the FDA Approved a Phenomenal Breakthrough in Cancer—and Then Kept it Quiet
Cancer is a sneaky disease that takes root in your body long before you know it. It gradually gains strength, creeping up on you stealthily because (oftentimes) you feel no symptoms ... yet. And when you do feel the symptoms and go see your doctor, the cancer is usually at a full-blown stage.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, the diagnosis always comes as a sobering shock. It always seems like just yesterday, there was no cancer—and all of a sudden, the cancer appeared today ... seemingly out of nowhere.

But actually cancer never happens "all of a sudden." Even on those who are diagnosed with Stage IV or terminal cancer, that condition did NOT occur overnight. Cancer may have been growing in the body for years before the first symptoms ever appeared.

The medical industry has cancer screening tests available for detecting different types of cancer as early as possible. They include Pap smear tests (for cervical cancer) ... mammograms (for breast cancer) ... PSA test (for prostate cancer) ... blood test (for leukemia) ... and the HPV test (for cervical, vulvar, vaginal, and penile cancer), to name a few.

Unfortunately, the interpretation of the results of these tests are oftentimes unreliable—and some of the tests, such as the mammogram, for example, pose an even higher risk of cancer for those who undergo the test.

Wipe Out Cancer Like It's the Common Cold!

What if you or a loved one had the opportunity to find out if you had any type of cancer lurking in your body ... 19 months before you felt any symptoms ... before a cancerous tumor formed in your body ... or before your doctor even knew you were sick?

That would most certainly seem like a godsend and a life saver, wouldn't it? That's because if you find out about cancer that early, you would never need to undergo chemotherapy, radiation, surgery—or any of the other cancer treatments on your doctor's "deadly menu" of choices. Cancer caught early can be easily eradicated using safe, proven immunity-boosting supplements that make cancer as easy to wipe out as the common cold!

The folks at Natural Health Dossier, a privately-circulated advisory on medical and health advances, have recently discovered ... the world's most accurate and early cancer test.

A Harvard-trained doctor and neurochemist developed it over the course of 20 years. Several major studies (involving more than 10,000 patients combined) have verified its accuracy. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) even approved the test ... but mysteriously, they've kept it quiet from the general population.

Once you discover what this test is, you'll be among the 1/10th of one percent (.001) of the population who will know about it because the mainstream media will not publicize it.


Most media outlets—although they present an image of being "independent" providers of unbiased, impartial information—are heavily controlled by drug companies. The drug industry, whose marketing budget is in the billions, has a say as to what gets published, and what doesn't. As such, the media would never publish information that would threaten the billion-dollar earnings of Big Pharma on cancer treatments.

For what would happen to Big Pharma's cancer business if everyone's cancer was detected early—and if there ever came a day when the most effective cancer test became a standard in every person's annual medical exam?

These are the types of unpublished stories that Natural Health Dossier publishes—the types that mainstream media won't touch ... for fear that Big Pharma will withdraw their advertising spending.

Discover the world's most accurate and early cancer test—which requires only a small blood sample and is covered by Medicare—by clicking here. Find out about the safe, proven immunity-boosting supplements that have been shown to eradicate cancer as easily as overcoming the common cold. Even if you're among the 44 million Americans who have no health insurance, a major disease like cancer need not put a cramp on your wallet or wipe out your life savings—and your life! Go here now and learn what 99.9% of the population doesn't know about detecting and curing cancer.

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Tremendous Healing Potential from a Life-Changing Experience

Tremendous Healing Potential from a Life-Changing Experience

Astronauts fortunate to have gazed upon the Earth from space are profoundly changed by their extraordinary experience.

This is known as the "overview effect" and it may help you, as well as millions around the globe with its tremendous personal healing potential.

Click here to read the full article >>

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Dear phil,

I recently came across what I believe is the most promising cancer advancement of the past 30 years.

A neurochemist developed it over the course of 20 years. Already several major studies (on over 10,000 patients combined) have verified its accuracy. The FDA has even approved it.

But, strangely, this cancer discovery has been kept almost completely quiet. (The reason why made me furious—I bet you'll feel the same way.)

I just finished watching this special video alert... It's got everything you need to know about this medical development.

You've got to watch it now...

To your health,

Maria Dolgova
Associate Publisher
NHD "Health Watch"

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Salvestrols- A Natural Anti-Cancer Chemicals Found in Every Day Fruits

Salvestrols- A Natural Anti-Cancer Chemicals Found in Every Day Fruits

Did You Know…that there are nutritional compounds called salvestrols that seek out cancer cells present in the body … and unleash a stream of chemical agents which kill cancer cells within 30 minutes—but keep normal cells unharmed?
Salvestrols are a new class of natural anti-cancer chemicals found in certain dietary plants and fruits. salvestrols Unlike other natural compounds and phytochemicals that are categorized as a single chemical type of plant compound, salvestrols are defined on the basis of their mechanism of anti-cancer action.
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Courts Rule that Prempro Causes Cancer, but FDA Still Promotes It

Courts Rule that Prempro Causes Cancer, but FDA Still Promotes It

December 13, 2011
PfizerDespite large pay outs to victims, Pfizer keeps selling the hormone replacement drug and the government keeps trying to make sure there’s no competition from the natural alternative!
This past week, a court told Pfizer Inc., the multinational pharmaceutical company, to pay $72.6 million in damages to three women. Each had developed breast cancer after taking the company’s hormone replacement drug, Prempro (made from pregnant mares’ urine), for treatment of their menopause symptoms. So why is this drug still being sold?
In 2002, the National Institutes of Health sponsored a Women’s Health Initiative study that showed Prempro is linked to cancer. The research demonstrated that Prempro, which is already known to increase the risk of breast cancer, also makes it more likely that the cancer will advance quickly and prove fatal.
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Are Too Many Older People Screened for Cancer?

Are Too Many Older People Screened for Cancer?
health day
Debate over testing should weigh health and life expectancy, expert says MONDAY, Dec. 12 (HealthDay News) -- Many older Americans get screened for colon, breast, prostate and cervical cancer even though guidelines recommend against routinely screening the elderly, a new study finds.
As the population of the United States continues to age, balancing good health care with costs will be a continuing battle, experts say. "In an era of escalating health care utilization and expenditures in the United States, identifying areas for cost containment while concurrently improving quality of care in our health care system is increasingly paramount," said lead researcher Keith Bellizzi, an assistant professor of human development and family studies at the University of Connecticut ...
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Shocked doctors forced to admit this cancer cure works

Shocked doctors forced to admit this cancer cure works
Kevin Irish's doctor told him he had late-stage lung cancer that was too far gone for surgery. Kevin tried the 31-Day Home Cancer Cure. When he returned for a follow-up visit, the doctor said, "Are you the terminal patient I saw two months ago? You look great!"

After Richard Wiebe tried this home cure, his doctor told him, "You're a miracle from God!" The same doctor had told Richard he only had six months left.

"Well, I know the cancer is here somewhere!" That's what Frank Woll's doctor said when he couldn't find the cancer with a magnifying glass. A month before, the doc said they'd have to cut off half his ear and part of his neck! These three men got TOTALLY WELL with the 31-Day Home Cancer Cure. Watch this important video presentation and see for yourself.

Also from 
Dear Reader,

When the Wikileaks scandal broke earlier this year, U.S. officials weren't the only ones with egg on their faces. Executives for U.S. drug giant Pfizer were also embarrassed by a diplomatic cable.

Hmmm. Embarrassed? No, that's not the right word. I think we can assume that nothing embarrasses these dirtbags.

As you'll see in a moment, the diplomatic cable exposed some dirty dealing that would make you or me (or any human) feel deeply ashamed and disgusted with ourselves. So how did Pfizer executives respond? They sent out a spokesperson who basically said, "Blah, blah, blah. Deny, deny, deny." And that was that. "Crisis" averted!

But I'm not letting them off so easy...

Timeline of disgrace

Here's a quick Timeline of Pfizer's Nigerian Drug Trial Disgrace...

1996: Eleven children died and many were disabled when Pfizer researchers tested a new antibiotic called Trovan on kids with meningitis. Nigerian authorities said they never approved the trial and parents were not informed that their children would receive a drug on an experimental basis.

1998: The FDA approved Trovan for use in adults only. But after reports of liver failure, Trovan use was restricted to adult emergency care.

1999: The European Union banned Trovan.

2000: The Washington Post reported that Pfizer produced a letter from a Nigerian ethics committee that approved the research before the 1996 trial. But the letter turned out to be fabricated by a Pfizer researcher who falsely backdated the letter.

2006: A Nigerian panel concluded that the Pfizer trial was an "illegal" test of an "unregistered drug." The panel called the trial a "clear case of exploitation of the ignorant."

2007: Nigeria filed lawsuits against Pfizer that included homicide and other criminal counts. The legal action sought about $9 billion in restitution and damages.

2010: Pfizer finally settled the suits for about $75 million. All criminal charges were dropped.

So what happened between 2007 and 2010? We can assume that Pfizer lawyers are expert negotiators. But going from $9 billion to $75 million and dropping severe criminal charges? That's insanely successful negotiating!

Maybe a clue to their success can be found in a missing piece of the Timeline that came to light in that diplomatic cable revealed by Wikileaks.

In the 2009 cable, a U.S. official revealed that a Pfizer executive in Nigeria told him that the drug company had hired special investigators. Their mission: Search for evidence of corrupt practices by Nigeria's Attorney General to persuade him to drop the suits.

In early 2010, the Nigerian AG was removed from his post just as alleged corruption ties were being reported by the Nigerian media. Five months later, Pfizer agreed to the $75 million payout.

See, if you're a Pfizer official and you are accused of illegally testing a drug on children, you don't ask yourself, "What's the right thing to do here?" You ask yourself, "Who can we crush to get ourselves out of this?"

Utterly despicable!

If we've learned anything, it's that the only place drug companies and their execs feel anything is in their wallets. So that's where I'm aiming.

I know most of you don't take pharmaceuticals when you can avoid them, but if you do, talk to your doctor about switching to a non-Pfizer drug.

Here's a list of some of the most well-known Pfizer products:

In each of those cases you can choose competitors' products (or, better yet, find non-drug solutions).

Pfizer also makes quite a few over-the-counter products that people use everyday. But we don't HAVE to use them everyday.

For instance, ChapStick could disappear tomorrow and I'd never miss it. Burt's Bees makes a terrific lip balm. Carmex does too.

Same with Pfizer's Advil. I rarely take ibuprofen, but when I do, I've got lots of different brands to choose from. I can go without the Advil, no problem.

Other Pfizer products include ThermaCare heat wraps, Anbesol oral pain reliever, Dristan, Robitussin, Preparation H, FiberCon, and the Centrum line of multivitamins.

If you and I and all our friends and families boycott these products, we're not going to bring down the world's most successful drug company. But we'll at least have the satisfaction of knowing our money isn't paying the obscene bonuses of people who really should be doing hard time in a Nigerian prison.


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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Shocking Truth About CoQ10

From hsionline

The Shocking Truth About CoQ10

In This Issue:

*Did You Know...?
*Featured Topic: The Shocking Secret About CoQ10
*A Word from Our Sponsor: 11 Medical Breakthroughs and Breakdowns That Will Rock the World

Did You Know...

...that an alternative sweetener derived from a traditional Andean superfood can lower cholesterol, help control diabetes, and prevent colon cancer?

Known in the Andean mountains of South America as Apple of the Earth, yacon is a form of sweet potato revered in traditional medicine for its myriad healing powers.

A distant relative of the sunflower, yacon is a tuber vegetable resembling a yam. Its roots and leaves have been used in local communities to treat ailments—especially digestive disorders—for centuries. Now, modern scientists recognize yacon's rich stores of phytochemicals to have far-reaching powers to fight both diabetes and obesity.

FOS—The Sweetener That Heals

The source of yacon's delicious, sweet flavor is what makes it such a healthy alternative sweetener. Unlike sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial chemical sweeteners—all of which have lengthy rap sheets of harmful health effects—the sweetening agent in yacon is actually good for you. That's because it's primarily composed of inulin, also called a fructooligosaccharide (FOS).

FOS acts like a sweetener, but your body barely absorbs it. Instead, FOS passes through the digestive system without spiking blood sugar, like most other sweeteners—and without the toxic effects of artificial chemical sweeteners. In fact, FOS appears to help regulate blood glucose, keeping it to normal, manageable levels.

Natural health expert and author Dana Carpender recommends FOS, and describes the benefits of FOS as an alternative sweetener on her health blog:

"Think of it as a sweet form of fiber. FOS has a nice, clean sweet flavor, but it's about half as sweet as sugar... FOS has another interesting property: You can't digest or absorb it, but the good bacteria in your gut can. So eating FOS will increase your healthy intestinal flora."

The Sweet Path to a Healthier Heart

Yacon is also attracting attention for its heart health benefits. In a study reported at the 2009 American Heart Association conference, a Chinese team using yacon to treat patients with prehypertension reported the following impressive results:

Systolic blood pressure dropped by almost 7 points
Diastolic blood pressure was reduced by greater than 7 points
LDL ("bad") cholesterol and triglycerides both dropped significantly

A Powerful Prebiotic Superfood

As Dana Carpender points out, yacon has great prebiotic capacities, which means it can be a key factor in regulating digestion by stimulating good bacteria and helping fight off harmful invaders. Ultimately, this helps protect your body from kidney stones, intestinal and colon breakdown, and liver disease.

David Wolfe points out in his bestselling book, Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future:

"As a prebiotic, yacon is good for digestion, stimulates positive colon health, and helps with the absorption of calcium, magnesium, and B vitamins. Yacon helps to regulate friendly intestinal flora, and especially improves the growth of certain probiotics (...), thus helping to reduce constipation. Yacon root contains significant quantities of potassium and antioxidants. Because of its high antioxidant value, yacon is beneficial in reducing free-radical damage in the body, especially in the colon."

Where to Find FOS and Yacon

Fresh yacon for cooking and eating may be available at your local natural foods store. If not, there are a handful of online suppliers of fresh yacon tubers, leaves, and plants.

Yacon is also available as a supplement capsule, both online and in some co-ops and health food stores. The same is true for FOS, which can be purchased both as a powder to use as a sweetener for foods, as well as a supplement capsule for those solely interested in its prebiotic, blood sugar, and heart health benefits.
= = = = = = = = = = =

Featured Topic:
The Shocking Secret About CoQ10
Over the past few decades, CoQ10 has become one of the most popular supplements in the U.S.—being called a medical miracle because it delivers so many health benefits. It has been shown to ...
* strengthen your heart and keep it pumping strong
* boost brain power, improve memory and provide
mental clarity
* provide cellular energy and effectively combat fatigue
* fight off harmful free radicals in the body, slow down
the aging process
and reduce wrinkles
* enable your body to burn fat more effectively
* support better vision and healthy gums
After the age of 30, natural levels of CoQ10 in the body begin to diminish. By the age of 50, your CoQ10 levels may be too low to support optimal heart function. By age 70, your levels can become so low they can actually accelerate aging.

This is why leading experts who are on the cutting edge of natural health say it's critical to supplement with CoQ10 as you age.
The WORST Culprit is Statin Drugs
It is now estimated that 1 in 3 adults over 50 take a statin. If you're taking a statin drug to "help" your heart, you are in fact slowly draining your heart of CoQ10—the very fuel it needs for optimal health.
An unprecedented number of people have been buying CoQ10 at health food stores—mistakenly thinking that all CoQ10 is the same. But there's a dirty little secret that they will not tell you on the label. All of the research supporting the benefits of CoQ10 have been conducted using natural CoQ10. But most supplements are made with synthesized CoQ10.
Tobacco Leaves
Is your CoQ10 made from tobacco leaves?
Perhaps the worst thing is that it's synthesized from a shocking primary source, and that is ... tobacco leaves!


Most people don't realize that 100% natural CoQ10 is usually no more expensive then synthetic CoQ10. You just need to know how to look for it.

How to "Read Between the Lines" When Buying CoQ10

Discount brands, such as those found in drugstores or big box retailers, do a great job hiding the source of their CoQ10. But here's a fool proof "cheat sheet" that will help guide you:
1. Look for the words "trans-form" on the label. Trans-form CoQ10 is identical to the CoQ10 produced naturally within the body. If you read all of the studies on CoQ10, you'll discover that every single CoQ10 researcher in the world uses only trans-form CoQ10.
2. Check to see if the CoQ10 is made using yeast fermentation, which yields the most effective, biologically active form.

It's almost impossible to find trans-form CoQ10 in health food stores, vitamin shops or even among online retailers. By clicking here, you can find the highest quality trans-form CoQ10, which is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream—and makes you start feeling better almost immediately. By using trans-form CoQ10, you'll notice more energy and stamina ... enhanced cognitive function ... reduced signs of aging ... improved cardiovascular function ... fewer aches and pains ... and better immune health within 7 days. You owe it to yourself to protect your heart, age well and feel youthful. Click here now!

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