Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What is Reality?

What is reality, we may say that there are many different levels or dimensions of reality and whatever level of reality you are in that is okay. Actors in a TV series are displaying story lines of characters that script writers have written. They come together in a studio and play out their roles. As viewers what do we see, we see a TV screen, a rather small object, and we watch the unfolding drama. We laugh, we cry, we get angry and we can empathise and identify with the lives on that screen. We can discuss the goings on of the characters of the show with our colleges at work and friends and partners. We discuss and contemplate the emotions and feelings of our TV friends. Their lives and behaviours and consequences seem real and we know it is not real, though I fear some people find it hard to appreciate that the actors are not the characters, that is the characters are make believe, an illusion.

Sometimes actors get too identified with their character that they are portraying and they begin to feel that they are the character. Perhaps the character (especially the hero type) is more appealing to the actor than himself. They start to believe they are the character. The image becomes reality and this is what we do, we believe we are our image. An image that we portray to the world and we imagine other people perceiving us in the way the image is intended. Images communicating to images, making lots of noise and much ado about nothing. And that is totally okay, there is nothing right or wrong about that. We all do it. It is just another layer built on preceding layers, just the very tip of the iceberg.  If we are aware of the layers that are underneath, then we will be happy for we know more of our realities. But if we think that we are only the outermost or the topmost layer, then happiness etc will elude us and we will be deluded.  The more layers we are aware of then the more we know of ourselves. Enlightenment is knowing all of ourself. Know thy self! has been echoed throughout our history by mystics and sages and yet how many of us truly want ‘to know myself’? Not just the behaviour or why we do the things we do, not understand, not to know a small part of our self, but to Know all.

Knowing ourselves has been acknowledged by all the mystics and sages of the past as the key to enlightenment. Knowing ourselves is a wonderful and mysterious journey filled with awe. There is nothing to be afraid of and yet what prevents us is the fear of the unknown. More correctly it is the fear of ourself that creates the fear of the unknown. Our identity, the ego is the creator of this fear. Our ego fears its own creation, ego fears and is terrified of nothingness. It is terrified that if it reverses direction, instead of going outwards but going inwards it will end up at the beginning. At the starting point of itself, and what then but nothingness, oblivion. The ego will try to prevent you going in that direction, it will produce fear and terror, all fabricated. Illusion, trickery and sleight of hand, but feeling real nevertheless. It works and we simply regain our forward, outward, away from direction, it seems so logical, so logical, so logical, time moves forward, goes from here to there, let’s go that way.

And so we know little of our self, a single drop of water in all the oceans of the world and as we age we know less. The most liberating experience you can have on this plane of existence is reversing direction, diving in, going down and discovering what is there, passing through levels of awareness, becoming more as you do. And nothingness is the gateway, the door, the entry between soul and out here, simply a passageway, pass through and you have enlightenment. But your purpose is not to stay there, for that is what it is, it is all and complete and whole. Your purpose is to be aware of this and then move back through the passageway and up through the levels, with the only knowledge there is, the knowledge of you. You may choose to remove yourself from the noise and illusion of our materialistic world and become a recluse and spend as much time as possible inside and that is okay or you may do exactly what you were doing before and that is okay. Or anything in between.

You will now know more than the tip of the iceberg, you will have been a part of the iceberg, the totality of the iceberg and now there is nothing to fear. You know. What next then is up to you, your ego being just as important as the bliss, will have the ability to decide but decide on knowledge and truth rather than fear. There will be more calmness, a different type of calmness a calmness that is ever present, more of a peacefulness really, even when you are very actively involved in any sort of pursuit or action.

Here is an apt Zen saying "Before Enlightenment chop wood carry water, after Enlightenment, chop wood carry water." The things that need doing are the same as before. What is different is that you are fully present doing the actions and it feels good doing them because you have chosen to do them. You appreciate, you love, you see illusion for illusion and you stop being illusion. All your uplifting strong emotions are small representations of soul. But words are just words.

So what is reality? Don’t we want to know what reality is? Reality is not meaning, not purpose, not searching, not seeking, not you, not I, not me, not us, not we, not them, not this, not that, not this and that, not time, not space, not boundaries, not love, not hate, not desire, not wants, not needs, not everything, not nothing, not anything.

Reality is a construct depending on where we observe and perceive our experience from -

  1. From a cell in our body
  2. From our inner mind
  3. From our ego – by far the most common and therefore universally accepted by mankind
  4. From mankind as a specie
  5. From life on the planet
  6. From the planet
  7. From the moon
  8. From the centre of a galaxy
  9. From the universe
  10. From outside the universe
  11. From a web that has no weaver

By Philip Martin

Monday, 29 August 2011

Of Cancer and Healing

The human being is certainly a complex animal, all animals bodies are highly complex organisms, even a single cell is unfathomably complex and we each have 50 trillion of them. When we consider the mind and consciousness then we add more layers to the complexity. Yes it can be overwhelming to try and know about our complexity. I mean, we know very little about ourselves and if we exclude the physical workings of the body for a moment, though it can be recognised that we can investigate and measure the anatomy and physiology of the body, what do we know about why we behave the way we do? How we think? Why we feel the way we do? Where do our emotions come from? How is that we feel compassion, love, hate etc? How many parts to the mind are there?

It is fair to say we know little of how we operate.

What has this to do with cancer and healing?

We are a collection of 50 trillion or so cells, I haven’t personally counted them, but the cells aren’t static and stay with us for the rest of our lives. Most cells have a very short live span, so the number of cells that are us is in our life time is just mind boggling. The point is that all these cells are in one organism, and the cooperation between cells enables them to gather together and be ‘We are one’.

Shared information is the glue that keeps all as one and working in harmony together. Our bodies (which includes the mind, though many think or treat the body as a vehicle to transport the ego around) reflect the totality of our 50 trillion cells. Each cell is a holograph of the entirety. What affects the cells, affects the entirety, what affects the entirety affects the cells, There is no separation. When we feel angry, the entirety is feeling angry, the cells are feeling angry, when we feel love the entirety is feeling love. The story of our life is the story of our cells. The story of our cells is us.

When we are in a state of ill health, that is our story at the time, the body excluding the mind isn’t ill, the body including the mind is ill, once again there is no separation. If the mind is ill, then the body is ill.

If one has cancer, what is the complete story? We fall into the trap of perceiving cancer as ‘something’ that is separate from us, from the entirety. Cancer cells are our own cells, they are not separate! They are functioning as part of the whole, as a reflection of the whole.

If we remove the label and perceptions that we have about cancer and see our totality, our state of affairs, our story, our system of being, our pattern of existence and not just the shallow facade that we present to the world and to our ego, then we can realise this is us. Do we really want to be as this? Is change possible? Do we want to feel different, do we want to experience life differently, do we want a better quality of life, a better quality of our self image, do we want more vitality, better health, do we want more wholeness, do we want freedom, do we want more self control, more self trust, more self reliance, do we want to feel that we matter, that we are significant, that we are important, do we want to be free from self criticism, resentment, apathy, bitterness, negative beliefs about ourself, limitations or do we dare not to?

Do we think we are not worth it? That change, is too difficult? Do we assume, this is just who I am?

Man, is always trying to define who he/she is, we label and define ourself as I am kind, stubborn etc, etc. We are continually trying to identify and define who we are! For we (the ego) do not know who we are, we are disconnected and separated from our body. The only appropriate definition the ego can have and also the most beneficial, is simply ‘I am’. This is powerful for it includes all possibilities and has no limitations. It may seem too simple but all other definitions are faulty, for they are not complete. For if you define yourself as kind, what happens if you behave in an unkindly fashion? And when you do, you separate and form another identity or part and more fragmentation occurs. I am is correct and undeniable and so creates no resistance, any other definition can’t hold true all the time.

 If you practice just saying and feeling ‘I am’ you may become aware that you are dis-identifying from the labels, beliefs and behaviour that you perceived as you. This pattern that you thought was you, seems at a little distance away now. This pattern is a set of instructions that you have been following, because you were attached to it, and thought this is who I am. Now being simply ‘I am’ detaches the pattern and you now have control of Your Life, not being a victim of it.

So as controller of your life what story do want to unfold? Whatever story you have, your cells will reflect! The entire body, immune system etc will reflect the story. Do you want the cells, immune system etc to feel important, worthwhile, loving, compassionate, happy, health etc, then reflect that in your life experience.

If you want health – be health(y).

By Philip Martin

Celebrating Life Vs Avoiding Death

When one first gets a diagnosis of cancer, they enter a state of shock, for cancer literally means dying for most of us. More people die of heart disease than cancer but cancer has much more fear attached to it, thanks to the plethora of misinformation around. To many, cancer means a death sentence. So if you get shocked by a diagnosis of cancer, it means that you automatically presumed that you were going to die. Now we are all going to die but it is not death that actually scares us so much, it is the premature death that we fear, dying before our time.

So when we are shocked by a cancer diagnosis, we unconsciously feel we are going to die now! For when we are in a state of shock, we are in a hypnotic trance, that is, our conscious mind has temporally been disengaged. An interesting phenomena about trance or time spent in the unconscious, is that there is no concept of time. Time doesn’t exist in the unconscious mind, there is only this present moment now. Whatever is happening, is happening now, so when you heard the doctor say  ‘You have cancer’ , you heard yourself say ‘I am going to die’ or something similar to make sense of the doctors words.

‘I am going to die’ triggers the shock and the fight/flight response, for your unconscious mind presumes there is an imminent threat of dying now. The focus is on dying. The conscious mind slowly comes to and you may ask the doctor ‘What did you say’ and he’ll repeat, that you have got cancer, trying to convince you and you will repeat ‘I’ve got cancer’ trying to let it sink in. You will probably ask him/her ‘How long have I got to live?’ Which demonstrates that you are certain, that you have a premature death looming and by now you have convinced yourself that you are going to die.

What comes next? Simply put: you have a problem. The problem is ‘I am going to die (shortly, prematurely). You now attempt to solve the problem. The question is how and here are two options.

·        Accept the death sentence and the length of time that you presumably have to live.

·        Reject the death sentence.

There is no right or wrong choice, for it is up to you, what you choose.  Let’s look at some consequences of the choices.

If you accept the death sentence, then you are accepting the amount of time that presumably you think or have been told that you have left. This means that you are dying and progressing towards death. With this limited time, what do you want to do with it? As time is short, why not make the most of it? Thoroughly enjoy the time that you have left and fully appreciate life and living. Celebrate life, celebrate your time of living. This would be the time to be selfish (this is a loaded word and many people have a problem with being selfish. Selfish means respecting that you are you and when you do this, then you will respect other people too. Selfish does not mean being disrespectful to others or abusing others, it means that only you are you and only you can do things for you.) and realise that you are important and that you matter. It is common for cancer suffers to have low self esteem and feel that they are unimportant and don’t matter but every single person on the planet is vitally important for themself, each person is a totally unique and magnificent human being.  I explain in my book ‘Life Patterns the Secret to Emotional Freedom’ how we come to have negative perceptions about our self worth and self esteem. You have a life and an amount of time to spend living it, why waste it?

If you reject the death sentence, this means you are not accepting either the time allotted to you or that you are going to die from cancer (a premature death), to help you here, let’s discuss some finer points.

·        To reject the death sentence is great because you are assuming control of your situation. You are stating that you are somebody and therefore an individual who is self determining.

·        You are rejecting the death sentence because you want to live, or because you don’t like being told by someone, that you have x amount of time before you die. Either way, you want to live.

·        You can reject any notion that you have cancer, completely and totally and you body will respond accordingly, but do you reject the idea completely? You will probably have some difficulty in doing this but it can be done.

·        When you are rejecting the death sentence are you fighting the cancer? that is do you see it as a battle to the death, either of the cancer or you. This approach creates resistance and still accepts that you have a deadly disease (your perception). You may look for a cancer cure, which implies the cancer is an enemy. As the cancer cells are your cells and a part of you, you are fighting yourself.

An important point here is, where is you focus, are you trying to avoid death? It is easy and natural to want to avoid death, because you perceive cancer as a death sentence. Avoiding death is our primary instinct, our bodies are well equipped to heal and avoid death but interference can get in the way. And this interference comes from the conscious mind. When we believe, that we have cancer and cancer kills, then we are suppling our bodies with instructions to die. When we fight cancer, then we are proving to ourselves that we have a deadly disease and therefore we are creating resistance and sabotaging our healing. Please read What is Cancer in my book “The 5 Step Cancer Healing Process” the eBook is free.

When our focus is on avoiding death, it is our conscious mind that is focusing and the subject/object of the focus is death, avoiding is not something, so can’t be focused on. Don’t think of an elephant. What did you see? The object in the sentence is ‘elephant’ so that is the only thing you can see, focus or think of. So when we focus or want to avoid death, our conscious mind is sending death signals to the unconscious body, creating stress and making life hard to create.

Realise that your body’s blueprint is always avoiding death and it does this in ways that you can’t fathom, so don’t interfere with this working. You can do your part by celebrating life and living. If you focus on living, then you are sending signals to your body that living is important and that life is important. This increases the health of the body and reduces stress.

So whilst taking the actions on your journey to health always focus on quality of living. The actions you are taking, realise that they are actions to promote health, life and wellness. Banish the idea of fighting an enemy, for you will be continually creating the enemy.

Each and every day begin by celebrating life, acknowledging ‘I am alive and living’ and feel great joy when you do this even if you have to pretend at first. Imagine sending this message to every cell in your body. Yes, every cell!

By Philip Martin

How to heal cancer?

When one asks how to heal cancer? This is a big question and healing cancer is not as difficult as many perceive, but there is a problem or dilemma. The problem is one of a lack of correct information and a plethora of misinformation. The view of the questioner who asks “How to heal cancer” is important. If they are in the majority then they probably see cancer as something foreign to them and then they want something to fight, kill and destroy the enemy (the cancer). To these people I can only say, I can’t show you how to heal cancer unless you first be prepared to let go of all your perceptions about cancer and start from the position that you know nothing about it and that you have a goal to be healthy.

Cancer is a word, a noun and to do an action to a noun, then you have to know what it is. For example, to know how to sit on a chair, you have to know what a chair is and you have to know what sit means.

How to heal cancer? First we’ll look at the word heal. All living things have the ability to self heal and all healing is self healing, we can get assistance and help our self healing system but it us and our cells that do the healing. Only our cells have the ability to heal. So when we heal we are healing ourselves. The self healing system is working continuously, and we can be of enormous help by removing what is slowing down or preventing the self healing system, doing its job effectively.

Now we will look at cancer. You may see cancer as an enemy, something that you have got but what do you know about it? Can you articulate and describe it fully? You may call it a disease and then think of something like measles and if you kill the measles virus then you will regain health. But Cancer cells are your own cells, not foreign bodies and the body supports the cancer, clearly there is much, much more to know. Your cancer cells are doing something and though the mainstream may see it as they are rogue or defective cells, this is ignorance. Cancer cells are wound healing cells, they are healing cells, healing wounds, stress and irritants. We can use the overriding general term stress. Stress is anything that is damaging to the body (body includes our minds and everything that is us).

So I am proposing that cancer is the healing system in action and though many die from cancer, they are more correctly dying from the side effects and collateral damage of the reaction between the healing system and whatever the particular stress is. Now the healing cells (cancer cells) are quite capable of healing the stress. So what is going wrong here? What is going wrong, is that the stress is continuing! The stress could be physical, nutritional  or emotional. If the stress is continually occurring then the healing is continually occurring but with no end. This is cancer. To be healthy, you need to stop the stress from occurring. The self healing system will then stop trying to heal the now nonexistent stress and the body will return to health.

Back to the title – how do you heal cancer? Answer – you don’t for there is nothing wrong with the cancer (healing) process, you heal you or more correctly, you heal your life

By Philip Martin

Thoughts Thoughts the powerhouse of your life

Thoughts are truly amazing things and yet we are so used to them, that we do not give them the consideration that they are worth. Why are they amazing? Well for one thing they are the most powerful thing in the universe! WOW what a statement. A thought: just a wisp of an idea. It is nothing really is it? Just thin air. And yet nothing is produced without a thought being thought first. The chair you are sitting on was first thought of. If you think about it, if there are no thoughts there would be no life, even trees think, in their tree like way, they struggle to survive and they use their information. If you never have another thought, what would it be like? Hard to comprehend isn't? Thoughts are the primal source of power in the world.

          The amazing thing about thoughts is that you create them, out of thin air, with just little fragments of knowledge. You coalesce and congeal these fragments of information into a single thought and then maybe into a train of thoughts, very amazing. These thoughts that you think then have a result, an effect on your life. The thoughts so to speak become a part of your reality; they make up your experience of life.

Our life experience is the mirror of our perceptions

          Your view of the world and your experience of the world is a reflection of your thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality, and you create your thoughts. Nobody else creates your unique thoughts, nobody! Just you. This is an inescapable fact that you have to come to terms with, and take responsibility for, or, you can deny you are the creator of your thoughts and hide from your responsibility. The choice is yours and yours alone.

          You create at least 50,000 thoughts a day. These thoughts make your tomorrow. What you think is what you get and your thoughts create an emotional effect, if you think sad thoughts - you will feel sad. If you think happy thoughts - you will feel happy. It works the other way too. If you feel sad you will most likely have sad thoughts, if you feel happy you will most likely have happy thoughts. Are you caught up in the acceptable (to the majority) social epidemic of creating negative and depressing thoughts? Evaluate the thoughts you have in a day. What do they say about your world? Do your thoughts create a wonderful world for you? Or do you believe the world is responsible for your feelings.

          If we are brave and take control of our thoughts and treat the ability to create this most powerful of forces, with the respect it deserves, we will create the thoughts that are in harmony with what we want in our life. And our life experience will then reflect those thoughts. In this way you will create the life you want. We are that powerful! We are that magnificent! Whether you want to believe that or not. It is true.

          How would your day be, if you wiped the slate clean and purposely chose what thoughts you would put in your mind for that day? If you did this for just one day, what effect would it have on that day, what effect would it have for the rest of your life? Just to choose what thoughts you would create on a particular day. Imagine the power of 50,000 plus wisely chosen thoughts occurring in you in one day.

          Imagine if after that day, your thoughts in the following week were similar to that one day, so for that week you had the power of over 350,000 powerful acts of creation. What could you do with 350,000 thoughts? What would you do? What would you create?

          We are trained not to think for ourselves, we are trained and taught to think of what others deem right or just. We are trained to be sheep. We are trained to feel safe in numbers and be accepted when we think alike. We are trained to feel afraid and rejected, if we think for ourselves and to be discerning. Imagine if we were taught the beauty of thinking for ourselves, of what thoughts to think. We would end up trusting ourselves, being in control of ourselves, being happy with ourselves, being responsible for ourselves, being able to rely on ourselves, we would feel safe, capable, and joyous. We would love living.

          If each waking hour on the hour, you purposely chose to think the thoughts that you want, for just five minutes. You will create a pattern of choosing beneficial thoughts that would become commonplace and you will create a life that is truly reflective of those thoughts. You will become master of your own destiny. Will you settle for anything less?

What we feed our mind today - we harvest tomorrow!

By Philip Martin

Monday, 22 August 2011

Query about ebook from Joy

Thanks for making your eBook available for free. I instinctively believe your theory, but await proof. One of my many questions is, if attaining enlightenment by dropping one's ego was to release all these stresses as you suggest, then why did some of the greatest guru's die from cancer?Nisargadatta Maharaj, Sri Ramana Maharshi and Ramkrishna Paramhansa are three. I just can't imagine all that meditating etc left them with cancer.
From Joy

My reply
Hi Joy, regarding proof there are abundant people who have returned to health from cancer and attribute the healing to a change of attitude and when you read stories of survivors, there is nearly always a change in their values regarding them self and what is important. My point is that healing occurs when the pattern of life is changed. The cause of cancer is stress, and I dwell on emotional stress as this is the most misunderstood and it is this stress that continually occurs and usually since before the age of five. In my book ‘Life Patterns’ I describe how the mind concludes in early childhood that “there must be something wrong with me” and that “I am nothing” this occurs in every child. It is a result of the formation of the ego and the egos separation from our true being. This “there is something wrong with me” and “I am nothing” is a wound and is the foundation for all other emotional stress. 

When one is enlightened there is little stress and so the body has no emotional resistance to health. However the ebook is about returning to health from cancer and so there is an intention and a purpose, which is to heal and be healthy. It is this intention and purpose which drives and motivates the actions. That is, there is a goal to be achieved. The enlightened people you mention and I can only conjecture generally about them:

1. They most likely had the early childhood wounds of ‘there is something wrong with me’ and ‘I am nothing’ and some other childhood traumas. Now these wounds and traumas get buried (the memories) in the unconscious and create patterns within the body. As these people grow up, what motivates them to attain enlightenment? is it because others persuade them or are they wanting freedom from their inner turmoil etc.

2. We can gain enlightenment or meditate daily and be free of daily stress, but the old traumatic pattern can still operate automatically and separately. It is operating in the body as a separate identity so to speak.

3. These enlightened people would not have feared death and would have known and lived in the now, past and future would have little impact in their world. They probably had no need or desire to heal from cancer or no intention to change the pattern of their life, for they have attained living according to their original blueprint. Without the desire to release the old emotional wounds and heal the automatic pattern, then the cancer process is still occurring.

4. They would have had no desire to change or to heal for they, depending on their underling beliefs regarding soul, karma etc. To them death is a doorway when the time is ready, walk through, to them their death is not premature.

5. Here on the Sunshine Coast we had an ex Buddhist monk, (ex because he grew beyond the confines and the label) and he ended up dying of bowel cancer. When he discovered he had cancer, he meditated very deeply and discovered unbelievable amounts of resentment towards his father that he was completely unaware of. He died shortly after.

6. Healing cancer requires the will and desire to live, it requires the decision that I mention in the book to be made and it then requires the actions to be taken.
Hope this clarifies somewhat your query.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Wound healing and cancer?

This article below shows the correlation of some cancers and wound healing, I propose that these cancers are healing emotional wounds, the problem is that the emotional wounds are constantly occurring. If we stop the emotional wounding from constantly occuring then the cancer cells (wound healing cells) return to normal cells. - Philip Martin 

STANFORD, Calif.-- Genes that help wounds heal are most often the "good guys," but a new study paints them as the enemy in some types of cancer. Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have found that some tumors activate these wound-healing genes and, when they do, the tumors are more likely to spread. This work could help highlight new ways to treat the disease along with helping doctors decide which cancers to approach more aggressively.
"This is a feature we can find early on in the disease and it could change the way cancer is treated," said Howard Chang, MD, PhD, a postdoctoral scholar and lead author of the paper. The work appears in the Jan. 19 edition of Public Library of Science Biology.
The research group, led by Patrick Brown, MD, PhD, professor of biochemistry, took an unusual approach in finding the telltale genes. In most studies, scientists analyze tumor samples and look for genes that are more active compared to normal tissue. Such studies have produced long lists of genes involved in cancer biology but don't provide clues about what role those genes may be playing.
Chang started from the opposite direction. He knew wound healing and cancer progression had some similarities, including the growth of new blood vessels, rearrangement of the molecular matrix around the cells and changes in how cells attach to each other. "Wound healing is a process that allows cells to break normal constraints on their growth and cross boundaries. If a cell can access that program, that's a good environment for cancer," Chang said.
The researchers started by finding which genes are active in cells exposed to clotted blood as a model of cells in the wound-healing process. Then Chang and his colleagues looked to see whether those same genes were active in tumor samples.
The researchers found that prostate and liver cancers always activated wound-healing genes, while tumors in the breast, colon and prostate were mixed. In these variable tissues, tumors with active wound-healing genes turned out to be highly aggressive and were more likely to spread to other tissues.
Chang said assessing wound-healing genes could help doctors choose the best treatment for a patient. "There are a lot of drugs that work only on certain type of cancers. If you realize that different drugs work on a specific abnormality, doctors can match the drug to the problem," he said.
The best-known example of such pharmaceutical matchmaking is the drug Herceptin, which specifically treats breast cancers with an active version of the gene Her2/Neu.
Most doctors don't have the ability to screen tumor samples for active genes, but they routinely test for the presence of proteins made by genes, as with Her2/Neu. Julie Sneddon, a biochemistry graduate student and second author on the paper, has been working on a similar test to identify tumors that churn out wound-healing proteins.
Chang said the next step is learning how best to treat tumors that produce these proteins. Because wound healing is a well-understood process, researchers may be able to disrupt the process and slow the cancer's spread. "There are drugs coming out that block blood vessel growth, so perhaps those drugs should be targeted to this population of patients," Chang said.
Additional Stanford researchers who contributed to this work include postdoctoral scholars Ruchira Sood, PhD, and Jen-Tsan Chi, MD, PhD; Ash Alizadeh, MD, PhD, a former graduate student; Rob West, MD, PhD, clinical instructor of pathology; Kelli Montgomery, research associate; and Matt van de Rijn, MD, PhD, associate professor of pathology.
Source: Stanford School of Medicine News Release, January 12, 2004 (

Friday, 5 August 2011

In my free ebook: "The 5 Step Cancer Healing Process" download from my website!free-ebook I point out that all healing, regardless of the actions that the person takes, takes place when the existing pattern becomes invalid and stops operating. With diseases such as cancer, it is preferable to swap completely the existing pattern for a new pattern. One of health and happiness. Now this new pattern will typically be the one you were born with. In the book I explain that we all have a pattern of existence, which is like a blueprint of instructions that our unconscious mind follows and therefore our behaviours, beliefs and experience of life develops according to the instructions of the pattern.

When working one on one with a client, it is easy to establish the new pattern which stops the old pattern and the disease process and the client naturally heals, as there is no disease process or resistance. However when you do this yourself, it can be difficult to have a complete pattern transfer (which is the quickest way to heal). Because you are doing the work with yourself, you may unconsciously sabotage the work or meet with resistance. In the book I show you how to do the pattern transfer with a partner, but if you find it difficult or meet resistance, then do these intermediate steps.

1.     Realise the pattern is made up of habitual conditioning (that is, years of your pattern running on automatic pilot), beliefs, limitations, ego vulnerability etc.

You change the pattern little by little. With cancer you don't want to start with too little changes, so start with limiting beliefs, which are negative beliefs that adversely impact your life, and this is explained in the book.
Or you can start with a pattern change, that is larger then changing limiting beliefs, but not as large as a complete pattern transformation, but will lead naturally to one.
It goes like this. You will be looking for your main, deepest, darkest negative emotion, that is a large part of your existing pattern. let's take for example Hate.

Let's imagine, we have someone who has hate as their major negative emotion. Now they are likely to hide this hate and not necessarily display it that often, but they feel hate often internally. Now the fact that it is a major emotion, means that it is encoded as a life saving and pro survival. This person may not consciously like hating but the unconscious mind will perceive hating as justified. The hate will be the core of a cluster of negative emotions, an automatic pattern, so to speak. The cluster may consist of blame, distrust, vulnerability and shame.

let's look as side issue, how this person may have hate as their major negative emotion. As a young child, they may have been abused, raped, bashed and as a result their brain would have concluded that they were in serious threat of dying. After surviving the event or initial event (if it was repeated) the brain, debriefs the situation and as it was a life threatening situation, the person would have concluded, that they were vulnerable and incapable of guaranteeing their survival (remember this is when they are a child). So the brain has to put in place an action plan, to prevent this happening again and therefore dying. The young child's mind will likely come up with something similar as - "I must distrust everyone (or males, or family etc depending on the situation)", this will lead to being on guard for similar occurrences and "I will (have to) hate everyone one" this guarantees to never let the guard of mistrust down. These are vows as they have absolutes in them, it allows for no flexibility. To a young mind this seems like an ideal solution. And to keep true to the vow, the memory of the event, will be attached to the statements. And so, this little pattern will be the filter the persons uses in all relating with others. Now the person will feel safe by doing this and this offsets and cost for displaying or feeling this pattern. This pattern gets entrenched year after year. This pattern is a result of an understandable and the best solution at the time, but a knee jerk reaction to a serious threat. As the person has grown, this pattern is no longer pro survival or beneficial, it severely limits the persons joyful, healthy and productive experience of life. Hate denies love, an essential ingredient to a healthy and happy life, the person will also learn to be inflexible, they will fear spontaneity, they will suffer pain and sadness and on an on it goes.

2.     Back to this little pattern transformation: To discover your major negative emotion, first of all just imagine or pretend that you are totally safe and indestructible. Now, whilst feeling this, look for your major negative emotion. when you sense what it is, look at the enormous amount of negativity, pain etc it has cost you throughout your life. Sense all the heaviness, sense all the lost opportunities. Keep feeling totally safe, for that emotion thinks it is keeping you safe, when in fact it is preventing you from maturing and gaining self control. See how this emotion weakens you and creates vulnerability.

Now see this emotion and see it as the pattern that it is, it is a pattern or way of living, a way of being. Now can you see that this way of living, is slowly killing you?, this is the irritant, the stress, the wound that the healing cells (which we call cancer) are reacting to and trying to heal and absorb. is hate or life. Now with all your mind and body, make your decision. Decide with your whole body and mind and feeelll, life and living flowing into all parts of your mind and body, replacing the hate etc and feel the freedom.

After you have done this, the rest of you limiting beliefs will be on shaky foundations and you can work with these, the big ones are the concepts you have about yourself. limiting beliefs in this area that need transforming are I am worthless, I am not good enough etc. 
Cheers for now,
Philip Martin

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Can the mind heal cancer?

Can you cure cancer using the mind?

The answer is yes, but first we need to understand what cancer is. Cancer is a word or a label and when we use it, we recall our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions about cancer and what it is. It is easy to think when you are talking to another person about cancer that we both know what cancer is and we both have the same perceptions.

We can see that cancer is a disease and it can lead to death, now this statement is true but it leaves out much vital information and this information is necessary to heal cancer and be cancer free and healthy.

What is a disease?

Disease is our bodies reaction to stress. Stress is any irritant, stimulus etc that can be of physical, nutritional or emotional origin. Stress is simply, something that the human body perceives as a threat to our survival. We are bombarded continually by stress and we continually react and neutralise that stress. We can acknowledge we have an acute illness when the symptoms of our reaction to stress are severe enough. Within a relatively short amount of time, we finally neutralise the stress and we are back into a state of health.

If we do not neutralise the stress, then we can say we have a chronic illness or disease and this means that we are continually reacting to the stress and the stress is still present. Therefore the body is vainly trying to heal but to no avail. This can be because the body is in a weak state and has little energy or capacity or the diet is such that there is a constant stream of toxins being absorbed into the system, and inflammation from food intolerances or most likely there is the constant and insidious emotional stress which has been going on for years.

When cells heal a wound they perform like cancer cells, these cells, like cancer cells are your own cells doing a job of healing wounds caused by stress. The wound cancer cells are healing are usually emotional wounds.

Can I remove the cause?

There are many different types of cancer depending on whether the cause is primarily physical, nutritional or emotional. You see, your self healing system can heal your cancer, this incredibly powerful process has the potential for you to heal and be healthy. The problem is that the disease process is still operating and most people look for cures or actions that assist the healing process. It is vital to STOP the disease process, for then the healing process will return you to health quickly. There is no point in trying to combat or kill the cancer cells, for the cancer cells are already trying to heal an irritant. That is cancer, cells are healing cells. Let’s look at an example in nature. An oyster accidently gets a grain of sand imbedded in its flesh and the oyster cannot rid itself of that grain of sand, try as it might. So what can it do, if it does nothing, the pain from the irritating grain of sand will slowly kill the oyster. The pain has to be diminished and the irritant soothed. The oyster cleverly builds a mucus wall around that irritating grain of sand and as the irritant is still there the healing continues and gradually a beautiful pearl forms. This is cancer of the oyster and this process continues till the oyster dies from the growth of the pearl. We see the beautiful pearl but not the grain of sand, the cause. If we could remove the grain of sand from the pearl, then the pearl building process would stop and the pearl would shrink and disappear.

Our cancer is the same and we fail to see the cause (stress). To remove the emotional cause, which is like little drips of acid constantly dripping and burning inside, we need to change the pattern that govern our emotional behaviour. This can be done via a number of techniques and as well as removing the stress (irritants) you will gain greater happiness and joy of life.
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